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In 2003, Rogers High School in Minnesota  completed a major construction project.  The renovation included many new classrooms and a new two story building.  A running track was added on the top floor of the addition.  As DLR Group states, it costs about 34 million dollars to build the school.  So what is so bad about a nice school that has a good learning environment?  Not one dollar of this money was set for the theatre department.

It seems that they have all of their priorities based off of athletic abilities, and nothing is allocated for those in the arts.

A girl named Anna Bergman is a student at Rogers High and is involved in band and the performing arts. Anna states, “Some art activities are hosted at the high school while  programs like; the musical and other major performances are at the middle school cafetorium (an auditorium in a cafeteria).  In some events the performing arts have to to other locations like the Zabee Theatre at Elk River High School.”

Although sports are very important in schools, stories like these show that schools are showing an inequality  with the arts. It appears the arts are put on a lower standard of importance.


Sports are truly a great thing to have for a school. They bring the school and city together to cheer for your school and as a community. Sports are also good for your health and well being. Writings from the Huffington Post report  that sports make an individual  happier when they are healthy. Also, according to another  article written by The University of Melbourne, exercise helps mature the body.  The article goes on to suggest that kids who exercise early continue to exercise as adults.

Sports are a great way to build friendships and build a community. While playing sports, it relieves some tension that arise in  school.  Sometimes school will become such a big struggle because kids face many issues. Factors of which include bullying, having to reach  high expectations, and self doubt. TEDx Talks talks about the real importance and effects of having sports.

One way that these negative outcomes can be prevented is by the outlet of sports. The psychological and social benefits of having sports in schools is to create a team that supports and helps one another. From this support from a team it can lead to a healthy and happy life.


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Dealing with art in anyway, shape, or form is a way that we have taught and told stories for centuries. The arts are a very important part of culture including the past, present, and future. The arts should be a big part of the  learning within our public schools. However we are losing sight of how important they are for students. The arts allow students to use their creativity and help learning concepts by: painting, sculpture, theatre, photography, writing, music and drawing are all parts of the arts.


The arts are such an amazing thing because it is a way that we can speak to people without saying a word.

It communicates with people who are different all around and tells a story about history through:  music, paintings, and performances. The arts also show empathy with other people and lets people connect with others and emote the feelings.  The arts create individualism with our interpretation of all different kinds of art that approach us.

The arts allow us to experience our world in imaginative ways

According to Huffington Post these are some major reasons how arts within our school should be given more attention. 

Sports vs. Arts

Although sports and the arts are both very important in the schools, it can not be denied that one is outshining the other in importance. The arts are being put on a different scale in importance in some schools like Rogers High School.   Schools seem to not realize the importance and significance of all the: paintings, music, theatre, and artwork that is all around the world.  Many students  presume that art is only meant for girls and that can be very stereotyped. This has resulted with some kids mostly males, go to sports because it is not something that they are not exposed to.

If the arts were given as much attention as sports, more students would hopefully participate and appreciate.

Lynn Swan a West Virginia University football player did ballet in high school. In an article written by “Principalarts” they talk about Lynn’s story about the stereotype and the amount of athletic ability it takes to do dance.

Sports are a way that people get together but, so are the arts.  The performing arts  connect  people and make them  work together.  When working in theatre, you have to develop a bond within you and your cast mates. If the chemistry is not evident in person it is very clear on stage. This is similar to the type of bonding done in sports, where you need to have a support base that helps you. Working as a team is necessary in both settings for the best outcome.

This kind of support and provided in theatre is exactly the same as it is in sports. Theatre also helps relieve the self doubt and uncertainty with yourself. In conclusion, people need to realize why the arts are so important and that not everything has to be sport related.

Schools in the Future

Some Schools do put emphasis on sports and art programs but, sometimes the arts are pushed aside. As Nicole Kirchner writes about the “The Anti-Art Education Stance” where schools should put less emphasis on art programs because they are not needed. 

However, schools are realizing how valuable the arts are for school. For example Rogers High School is getting a new auditorium for their school for the performing arts programs.

If you put the arts and sports at an equal level of importance in schools, then students can understand and maximise their learning comprehension because of the two. In an article from edutopia “How the Arts Unlock the Door to Learning” the author states about how integrating arts is most beneficial for kids and their learning. Not only if both sports and art are put together as equal importance will they increase learning, but they will help the mental and physical well being of students

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