The Reality of Abortion

¨The pain of losing my baby feels like rabid dogs tearing away at me. I murdered my own child. Like knives stabbing at me. Every. Single. Day. I still haven’t been able to talk to my parents. I don’t know if I should apologize to them for getting pregnant and getting an abortion, or just be angry for my abandonment at their hands. I don’t know what I could do to make up for this heinous crime I’ve committed. And while all the “pro-abortion” people say that life begins at birth, it is a true and undisputed scientific fact that life begins at conception. […] Abortion is the murder of an innocent human being. My want to not be pregnant did not outweigh the right for a child to live. I could’ve just gone the adoption route. I didn’t need to be a selfish person and kill my child. I can’t blame the pressure of my family and friends as the reason I killed my child. At the end of the day, it was my choice to do this. It was my decision to kill my child.¨ A description of what it is like after an abortion from a 18 year old women from South Carolina off of an article on Abort73

Abortion is commonly looked at as ¨the smart choice¨. Women are blinded from the reality that abortion is murder, even worse abortion is murdering your own child.

There are many reasons as to why a women would want an abortion, yet there is plenty more not too.

It Is Murder

Pro abortion sources will tell you life begins at birth, and “it” isn’t a human until the child is born. They will also try to tell you that it is okay to get an abortion, if the baby isn’t born it has no right to live or not, right? Wrong.

They will try to put your perspective as you’re doing the right thing, but they don’t show you the reality and consequences of abortion.

If you are considering an abortion look at it this way, if you kill a baby the day after it’s born it is considered murder, but if it’s a couple weeks before it’s an acceptable thing. Either way you are ending the life of that child.

Britannica Academic says, Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the infant can survive outside the uterus. Yes, your child would not be able to survive if you choose to abort it, but it is ending the infant’s life. A baby from conception has the potential of a life ahead to grow and develop.

Just Facts says, that when the egg is fertilized you have conceived a preborn child. After this the child is already developing characteristics. According to Abort73 ,¨In 2003, 66% of Americans thought abortion should be legal in the first trimester¨. What they do not realize is the baby is more than the beginning cells and tissue in the first trimester. A baby’s life does not begin at birth, it begins at conception. That is something oftentimes not understood and told otherwise.

The first trimester in baby development goes up to 40 weeks but by week 13 the baby is grown with many human characteristics. Therefore, people are wrong when they say they baby isn’t a baby yet. It has developed the characteristics of its human qualities.

When you have thoughts of abortion remember the reality of baby development and you are the mother to the child inside you.


If you choose to have an abortion it sets out an example to young moms that it’s okay if they don’t want to deal with a child because they can just put an end to it. It puts an unspoken pressure on girls, making them think they have to make the choice to get an abortion if it ever comes to that. One abortion leads to another. If you choose to get an abortion it will lead to more.

U.S. Abortion Statistics says, many moms have excuses of being to busy with work, school and other responsibilities. They say they have no money or they are having problems with their partner. These are some good and important things to consider. Luckily, adoption is always a path open for woman that can not handle it


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Often times, you will hear supporters of abortions say ¨My Body, My Choice¨. They will blind you from the fact that there is a body on the inside of your body. It is a hypocritical thing for them to say.


Woman endure a lot. The thought of a child is completely overwhelming, and you probably feel like you have no time for one if you’re consider abortion. If you can not afford to have a baby, you’re a teen or you simply do not want to have a child you could look into adoption.

Adoption is open to anyone and ensures your child to still grow up with care and love. With adoption you are assured with comfort of your child being okay. Abortion could lead to you feeling regret and sorrow.

Also, if you are worried about choosing adoption because you may want the child back NACAC says, their parent group database contains almost 900 adoption-related support groups from across the United States and Canada.

Effects on Women

After a woman has an abortion she will most likely have some psychological problems. An article on Live Action News states, that women who have an abortion are two times more likely to have mental health issues. They will feel things like regret, selfishness and feel less valuable as a person.

A 22 year old woman from Wisconsin shares her story from Abort 73: ¨Itś been one month since I had my abortion. And here I am at 2 AM, looking for some way to relieve my feelings of grief and regret. I’ve never been so disappointed and ashamed of myself. To think that I should have been a mother¨.

The Baby Feels the Pain

If you are considering aborting your baby, remember it is living and can feel pain.

An article on Abortion Facts states that Surgeon Robert P. N. Shearin says: ¨As early as eight to ten weeks after conception, and definitely by thirteen-and-a-half weeks, the unborn experiences organic pain¨. The same article says the baby feels organic, physical and psychological pain.

Some may say we need to find a way to abort the baby without pain but in reality most women discover they are pregnant between weeks four through seven says the American Pregnancy Association. By the time woman find out the baby would be capable of feeling pain.

Overall, this post is more than sharing my opinion. It is me striving for others the see the reality for their own well being, we are in this together and change can happen now by saying no to abortion.

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10 thoughts on “The Reality of Abortion

  1. I think that you made an interesting blog post, but I don’t think you should call reasons that a woman may want an abortion “excuses”. Having no money is not just an excuse. If a woman is incredibly poor and knows she cannot afford to take care of a child, why would anyone force her to keep the child and have it live a life like that? I don’t think any pro-life supporters are willing to pay for the child’s needs until it’s 18 just to prevent an abortion. Also, you say “pro-abortion” like the supporters want women to have an abortion. Many people are pro-choice, not pro-abortion, because they feel a woman should have the choice to terminate a pregnancy or not. She is the one who has to raise the child, so who’s to say that she has to keep it or give it up for adoption?

    If abortion is banned, women can still find ways to have an abortion. If you take that away from them it can increase the risk of having them finding a way to do it themselves, which can be very dangerous or even deadly like someone else had mentioned in a comment. I also do not think that if someone were to get an abortion that it would cause a chain reactions of other girls wanting one too. That’s not how it works. No one jumps at the opportunity to get an abortion or gets one because “everyone else is”, it takes time to think about and is a very hard decision to make. It’s a decision that most women probably do not want to think about.

    I also just want to add in the circumstances of a pregnancy, for example rape. I know it wasn’t mentioned in the post, but it came to me while I was reading the section where you talked about the effects of an abortion on women. If a woman was raped and became pregnant, most (not all) probably would not want to continue being pregnant with that child. It would be a constant reminder of a horrible experience that has probably already left her feeling depressed and less valuable of a person. If she were to get an abortion, yes she may be left with feelings of selfishness or grief, but she can feel better about herself knowing that she doesn’t have to live with a reminder of what someone did to her.

    People can think that abortions should be illegal and that they are murder, but ultimately it needs to be up to the woman who would have to carry the child to decide what is best for her. A bunch of strangers who wouldn’t help her raise an unwanted child or don’t know the circumstances of her pregnancy can’t force her to keep it.

  2. Pro-Life supporters are against abortion because it kills an unborn human being. Pro-Choice supporters advocate a woman’s fundamental right to get an abortion if she so wishes. Personally, I choose not to label myself as Pro-Life or Pro-Choice. I don’t think anyone enjoys the idea of killing an unborn human being, I know I don’t, so I can understand why people are against abortion. I also believe that a woman has the right to choose what she wants to happen to her body and if a pregnancy is not one of those things I believe that she has the right to terminate that pregnancy.

    Yes. Adoption is “always an option.” However, adoption is only a solution AFTER the child is born. Abortions occur for many reasons. The mother may not be capable of having a child, whether it be because of her financial situation, living conditions, mental or physical health conditions, age, or circumstance of pregnancy. If a pregnancy could put the mother at risk or in danger, would you force that woman to go through with the pregnancy? If a young, teenage girl finds herself pregnant, even if she chose to have sex knowing pregnancy was a possible outcome, would you make her go through with the pregnancy? Yes, there are some instances where teen moms are able to continue with their schooling, or give their child up for adoption if they aren’t ready to have a child. But the cases where teen pregnancies result in the mother dropping out school, even if they put the child up for adoption, significantly outweigh the others. There many are situations where it isn’t the child or the incapability to take care of one that pushes women towards abortions, but the pregnancy itself.

    Then there’s the issue of rape. I’m not saying all rape-caused pregnancies are terminated, some aren’t. But you would have to be, no offense, pretty stupid to think that (most) rape victims would want to keep and give birth to their rapist’s child. Would you force a woman, who as already gone through a traumatizing experience, to go through with a pregnancy that was caused by rape? Again, regardless of the fact that they could put the child up for adoption, it’s the pregnancy itself and the circumstance of the pregnancy that pushes women towards abortions.

    If abortion is legal people will get abortions. If abortion is illegal people will STILL GET ABORTIONS. They just won’t be safe. If abortion is legal, women who wish to take that route can go about it safely. If it’s illegal, some people will still attempt to get an abortion. It might be an “underground” kind of thing, or they might try to do it themselves (which could harm the mother!). And sometimes, women think they have no other option, and might do something extreme like hurt themselves or even attempt/commit suicide. If abortion is legal women can get abortions SAFELY!

    Abortion, or the illegalization of abortion doesn’t just affect the unborn child, but the mother and potentially her entire life as well. Just some things to think about.

  3. Annabel, you make some good points, but I believe that a woman’s choice to get an abortion is one, none of your business and two, something that she is choosing to do with her body.
    If an unfit mother (homeless, drug/alcohol addiction) is pregnant with a child and knows for a fact that she would not be able to provide the life she wants for that child, and wasn’t sure if the adoption process would provide that life either, that woman is able to terminate a pregnancy within reason. She is making that choice for herself and for her child. Yes, abortion can be traumatic and grief filled with mothers, but adoption can be just as upsetting.
    Another thing to consider is the fact that when abortions were illegal, women in the United States found many other ways to terminate a pregnancy which often ended with not only the removal of a fetus, but also the injury of the mother. Would the outlawing of abortion now be any different?
    “The baby feels pain”, this may be true, but what about the mother? If we are focused on whether or not the baby feels pain, why are we not focused on the mother and how she feels pain? If a woman having a baby could end with her death or serious injury, why is she expected to go through with the pregnancy and have the baby anyway?
    The fact that you say that abortion would influence girls to get an abortion is not valid. What girl gets pregnant and immediately jumps to the decision of terminating the pregnancy? It’s one of the hardest decisions any woman who has had an abortion has ever had to make. It isn’t abortion which puts a pressure on women, it’s the standards and expectations of women who have babies. A lot of people who think of themselves as “pro-life” tend to disregard the fact that women who get abortions often can’t provide the life their future child deserves.

  4. Adoption can’t always guarantee that “your child to still grow up with care and love. With adoption you are assured with comfort of your child being okay.” The foster system carries the chance that they fall victim to bouncing between unstable homes for years leading to mental health problems and possibly abuse. Obviously any woman who has to undergo the choice of abortion isn’t making an easy choice. I don’t fully support abortion but I also can’t stand the option that “Luckily, adoption is always a path open for woman that can not handle it” not all women can handle adoption, It is a long process that prevents children from finding proper homes. Abortion should never be a first choice but Adoption is not an end all to unwanted pregnancy

  5. I feel like sections of this blog are shaming woman for the choices they make for THEIR bodies. Every pregnancy holds different circumstances, sometimes adoption or raising the child are not the best options.
    Would you want a woman who is addicted to meth to be pregnant with a child? The child would be a weak canidate for adoption because by the time of its birth it would be addicted to meth! If the mother decided to raise the baby she would most likely put her addiction before her child. In my opinion, abortion would be a better for the mother and child.
    If a woman was raped would you want her to endure more emotional trauma if she was pregnant with the rapist child?

    Abortion is the HARDEST decision for any woman to make. The decision is not made by flipping a coin or playing rock, paper, scissors. No one enjoys the thought of killing innocent babies. However, we live in a democrocy where choice is the foundation of our nation. We shouldnt shame women for the choices that they make.

    1. I like this comment because I think no one is going to be happy at all with killing a baby but this a country where we are freedom and the choice is hers. Now stating your opinion is your right completely but I believe it should not be illegal. Everyone will not agree with you or you will not agree with the choices others make but we should all respect others minded decisions.

  6. Here’s the thing. Last year in the United States there were 1.06 million abortions. This makes it so leaving all the babies that can no longer be aborted up for adoption each year unfeasible. So now we are left with a problem, 1.06 million babies nobody wants and an adoption system that can’t handle that many children. What are we able to do than with this many babies nobody wants and no good solution?
    The thing is, until week 21 a fetus is not viable. Even at week 21, it requires a very good hospital to be able to survive and survival rates are low. This makes it so my opinion is that until viability is reached, abortion is fine. According to Ricki Lewis- a professor in genetics- human life does not began until week 21 at which point the fetus is viable. This makes abortion before week 21 not murder because the fetus cannot survive outside of the womb if it is born.
    Another thing is your article to me seems that you support banning abortion. You do not specifically state that so I am not sure but I am still going to impose two important questions. What do you do if the mother’s life is in danger by continuing with the pregnancy? What if the girl is a victim of rape?
    Abortion is a fundamental right and should not be taken away. It is not murder if the baby can not survive outside of the womb. Abortion is something that allows women to not have unwanted babies. It is a choice and if you do not like it, you do not have to have one. For those who can not afford having a child or do not have time for a child, or do not want one. Abortion is a way to help them.

    1. Mr. Carlson-

      First off I would like to state as a guy I really have no right to say anything. However, with that said I still wish to express my opinion. I agree with the author that abortion is murder. It does develop human characteristics within weeks of conception, and therefore – while not still not have ever seen the world – is murder. You are killing a future person. Let’s do some math, ok. From a quick google search I found several sources that say anywhere from 1-3% of the human population has an IQ of over 160. Genius Level. By itself this has nothing to do with the topic. Now let’s bring in your number of abortions from last year 1.06 million, right? So now that means that anywhere from 10,600 to 31,800 future humans that you just murder could, sorry would have stimulated the economy, helped create jobs from various ventures they would have created, Created a vaccine for some of the world’s deadliest viruses and cancers. They would have been the generation who found a way to travel at the speed of light. Just a few examples of what these children could and would have done to humans. But wait, you just killed them. What are you going to do now? Now is it logic to think that all those people would be this intelligent? No, in fact it is possible that not even one of them would have done anything to help the economy. But, what if???

      Next you stated that the adoption system wouldn’t be able to handle this many abortion being adoptions. And you’re right, they wouldn’t be able too. But you also said that “What if the girl was a victim of rape?” They make post-conception pills. And to be honest the first thing I would do is run down to the nearest drug store and get a pack of those. Then, I would worry about pressing charges. After all, those are a whole lot less expensive than an abortion is.

      And Finally, you asked “What do you do if the mother’s life is in danger by continuing with the pregnancy?” Truthfully, I don’t have an answer to this. So therefore, I really don’t want to say anything on the topic.

      Once again, I just want to state that I really don’t have a say in this, being a guy, and feel free to disagree if you would like.


  7. Nice post Annabel! I also agree that abortion is not okay. Just because the baby isn’t in the outside world yet doesn’t mean its not living, and knowing it feels pain at as early as 8-10 weeks is heartbreaking to me.

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