Greatest place on Earth… Or Worst Place to Work

 One woman feels Disney violated her rights, Imane Boudla filed a lawsuit against Disney for federal discrimination. Imane wasn’t given the job she wanted at disney due to her religious headscarf. Disney did offer her a different job that wasn’t in the public eye.

So here is where the question is placed: Does Disney have the right to tell her she is unfit for a job due to her religion?

Dress Code Rules

Some people may find Disney’s dress code  beyond strict.

Here are some of the ¨insane¨ policies:

  1. Fingernails length/color; Fingernails may not exceed the length of ¼ in. Also if nails are painted they must be a natural tone that compliments your skin. (No hot pinks or reds). (Female). Male fingernails must not exceed the length of the tip of your finger.
  2. Men that have facial hair, must keep their hair very neat. For hair on head must be neatly cut and clean hair.
  3. Shaving of the head or any portion of the head or eyebrows is not permitted. (female)
  4. Hair below shoulder length should be confined if it falls forward over the face while working.(Male or Female)
  5. Tucking hair behind the ears, or pinning or tucking it under a hat to conceal an unacceptable hairstyle will not be permitted. (Male)
  6. Tattoos must be discreetly and completely covered at all times. Jewelry, spacers, retainers, or plugs are not permitted in any body piercing, including non-visible piercings, while working.

All Disney employees are nicknamed ¨cast members¨ many people find that this is a reason that they are able to get away with their dress code policy considering some things on the list are degrading to being yourself. There are many other requirements that aren’t about how you dress or look but how you act towards people and how you act.

Disney Requirements & Mishaps 

To become a Disney princess is a little girl’s dream, they may even fulfill that dream if they meet these requirements.

Height: Must be between 5´4¨ and 5´6¨.

Age: Mainly 18-26 years old

NO! Social Media. You may not post about your job.

Must train your voice to sound a certain way.

They have no say in what princess they are going to play.

*Watch out*  When playing Pocahontas, many women feel they were hit on more by dads than they were as other princesses.

You never see the same princess twice at Disney. Your day at Disney, you may see 2 Cinderellas but you will never see the same one because they are different people behind the costume.

When playing any character you find out soon that children aren’t always the sweetest. Many characters have been hit by children, that aren’t so happy with your character.

Mascot costumes: no ventilation means lots of sweat in Florida and California.

Pay: Approximately $12 an hour for a character, but there are many bonuses to working at Disney. 40% off all Disney stores, 50% off Disney cruises, 40% off food at all parks and free passes for family and friends.

Not so Magical Things 

Photo credit- Pixabay Photo taken by: Unsplash
  1. One family was upset they couldn’t get a photo with Pluto. So they thought it would be okay to shove her into a fountain. The family got arrested and Pluto broke her leg.
  2. One lady riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride took out a bag and dumped out the contents. Those contents were ashes, her husband’s ashes..
  3.  A young women under the influence went around dressed up as Snow White. She took photos with guests, was singing and signing autographs. She was later escorted by the Disney Police.
  4. In Animal Kingdom, one women saw a 10 ft long snake emerged from the forest. It weaved through a crowd of people.. No one noticed.
  5. With the opening of Disneyworld was that Walt only wanted 6,000 people there but due to tickets not being up to the best they could more than 28,000 joined them in their opening.
  6. Club 33, A real club found in Disney world where there’s a 15 year waiting list and very high expensive rates to get in.
  7. “Andy’s Coming” came from the Toy Story characters falling to the ground when a visitor yelled that. Now has become internet popular.
  8. 200 cats live in Disney because they help out with the rats and mice.
  9. Disney World almost buys as many explosives as the US Military.
  10. Disney jail is very real, it’s there for the thieves and mischievous.
  11. If you ever visit the Haunted Mansion at Disney you will notice that the workers there are presumed to have no smile them and many guests say they look as if though they hate their jobs and make comments to them about it, but the thing is that they don’t smile for a reason to elaborate on that part of the park.
  12. At the parks the workers have code words for different things so the guests aren’t worried about whats going on. One time a cast member had a small child running around naked that had just pooped not in the bathroom. Their code was “I have a code Pooh situation in the play area and Piglet’s on the loose.

Featured Image: Photo Credit- Pixabay Photo taken by: Pexels

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