Do Drugs and Escape to Reality?


Life is all a lie. Earth is really just an experiment under a bigger power. Ever think about our world being just one big set up, where were all being controlled like the maze runner or when you’re in the hunger games ? Read on.

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: I’m not being serious that I believe in any of this, it’s all just something to think about. Yes I know it sounds like i’m crazy, but again not saying I think any of this true just theories. & I’M NOT CONDONING THE USE OF DRUGS.

So I don’t know if I would consider this a conspiracy theory but it’s definitely a theory of some sort. Throughout this article when I refer to “they” i’m talking about some other society living in power over us, maybe watching us on a tv like the hunger games. Just some bigger power playing our world/galaxy, like we’re all guinea pigs. Let me explain.

Aliens:  So who started the whole aliens concept and why did they consider them to be bad/evil? Even if they saw movement on other planets and thought it could be other life why did they automatically get so much hate?  What if they said that so we would be scared to explore and travel out to other planets.

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Space: What if the reason that so many of our gadgets we spend to space get ruined because they destroy them because they don’t want us to figure out about them and that there’s more beyond our galaxy. Or how the moon/inner planets is the only place we’ve traveled too because if we go anywhere else we’ll discover more. What if they just have the technology to have us see/think that all the other outer planets that are ten times our size are incapable of life by screwing with the scientists technology, because there actually living there.

Stars: What if stars are all cameras, that’s gotta creep you out huh. During the day there’s no stars because they blend in and it’s too bright for them to be visible. However during night we can see them ( like a flashlight, this way they don’t have to watch in night vision) Some stars just seem to appear out of nowhere because they turn new cameras on. Constellations, what if our world is just a big dome outside our universe, and all those lines connecting are the domes, however you can’t seem them at night. For the big dipper and other visible constellations you can see because they had problems with that part of the dome or that’s how they transport things here.

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Technology: What if there’s a few people in on the system, living on our earth and there the famous inventors of technology and so they can create things that the people can buy and then they can watch how react to things.

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Animals: Okay has anyone ever thought about how weird animals are? There these creatures they all look so different and there’s so many of them like there’s hundreds different types of just mosquitoes alone. What if there also a test experiment, so let’s just say that they create animals with different behaviors and see how they react to different things. Example: Today we’re gonna create a big  animal a bit bigger than a human, let’s give it lots of fur, have it sleep during the winter, and let’s set its temper gage at very easily triggered. Lets see how this thing (well call it a bear) reacts to other animals what it eats and how it reacts to humans. Scientists are always finding new species of animals, how? (not crossbreeding, I mean animals that are found in the wild) Maybe because they’re constantly creating new species and sending them to earth.

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Drugs: This is my favorite to explain. What if drugs are illegal because you’re able to find out about them/this other society when on drugs. People say when your drunk your being yourself more then you would be sober. Exactly that. Oxygen/the air we breathe all the time is really the biggest drug, keeping us out of reality(reality is actually being on drugs). Or maybe it’s through our Water. Water is something we have to have to stay alive right. Well we’re gonna drink it to live and we could be getting drugged though there to not be in reality. Along with that we become addicted, because like it mentioned it would be a very powerful drug and that’s why when we don’t have enough water we don’t feel good because we’re going through withdrawls and eventually start seeing hallucinations as in people that aren’t really there… or what if they are they just have enough power/technology for us not to be able to see them. When people are on drugs they say they discover things, or maybe they noticed things that they didn’t notice before, you have more feelings, you feel better, everythings slowed so you have more time to process. everything’s heightened. Its almost seems like you’re living in a different world, like it’s not reality, but what if it is. If God created this planet and he had control over everything I really don’t think he would have anyone living a shitty life. Doing these drugs would be living a perfect life. Basically  we do drugs to get out of reality, but what if we’re really doing drugs to be in reality.  Maybe this is why girls are so emotional because when girls do drugs its hits them harder because of our metabolism and all that and so when were getting hit with the flipped reality drug it has a way bigger impact on girls making them being way more emotional. Ever heard a “God high” well it’s when people are really close to God or if you pray/ spend time with god you feel a lot better, because what if God delivers some of real reality, all these good feelings to you, maybe that’s why people so close to God are so much happier. This is why drugs are illegal because police are trained to arrest people with drugs because people with drugs could just be one step closer to finding out the truth. Maybe when people do, they did find out the truth so “they” decided that person would be a treat and hate to eliminate that person.

Coming back to life: Ever saw that picture/tweet where it says ever think about when you walk into a room to get something and totally forget what your doing is because it’s God cancelling your action like in sims? Yes but “they” instead of God. The whole remembering things because that happened to you in a  different life/ or having flashbacks/ why some people look like animals, like how were closely related to monkeys and stuff. What if this is because after we die our chip(hard drive or whatever) goes to them and then they take that and wipe it clear and start us over as something new. Some people die way too early on and unexpectedly what if it’s because they want to see how people would react to that person dying/ or they realize that person is too superior to be living as a human on earth so they have to cut them off so that person can go work for them , because they were too good to be just a normal human. And demons/ghosts are they ones who when died escaped and did not go back to “they” and now they’re just stuck in the middle.

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