Zombies VS Robot Apocalypse

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Which one is more possible: a Zombie Apocalypse or a Robot Apocalypse? 

Of the many zombie movies, such as World War Z, and TV shows such as the famous one, The Walking Dead, media goes on and on about how a zombie apocalypse might happen. But is it really? It’s because of the popularity of zombies that it seems as though a zombie apocalypse is on its way.

According to Wikipedia, “ Zombies are undead creatures, typically depicted as mindless, reanimated human corpses with a hunger for human flesh.”

Chances of diseases?

Now days, there’s quite a high advancement in the medical field with treatment and prevention of life threatening diseases.

Let’s just stop and think about how many diseases this world acknowledged and not found a cure to them. Barely any disease has been treated, or is on their way to treating it. We have vaccinations and medications to prevent the spread of the simplest things from an eye infection to a sore throat, also things more threatening like cancers and diabetes.

But who knows; maybe a new disease would evolve from a previous existing one and become a virus that would contribute to the zombie outbreaks.

The technology today helps us register what type of disease something is and how to destroy it with different methods.

With these advancements, are we that far off to think that we wouldn’t be safe from a zombie outbreak? Also, mentioning the difference in our weaponry on how widespread it has become, we might be able to stop the apocalypse from happening from the very start. The advance, and still advancing, technologies of warfare have reached even chemical wise. So even if zombies would randomly pop up and decide to start eating us, we would be able to destroy them in mere days.

But am I the only one who thinks that the robot apocalypse is much closer?

With our advancing technology, it is bound that technology, itself, will take over.

We have gone from making simple phones such as the Nokia, to flexible smartphones the Samsung company has made. The Apple Company even created the iWatch, a watch that can be used as a phone and also many different reasons. In my opinion: I think that’s ridiculous. Also, it’s not just the phones that are advancing either. Transportation is getting beyond the limits of “okay.” Just check out a few inventions ‘soon to come’; Tuvie.

I mean, we are actually making real live robots now these days, such as the new Japanese robots seen below in the video.

Technology is getting so advance, that maybe one day it will be too much for us humans to control. It may seem like a good idea to begin with, but a lot of things could happen. Heck, maybe the movie I, Robot, starring Will Smith, was a short glimpse into the future of what our community will turn out like.

Or it’s just a movie made for entertainment, who knows.

As technology would have it, some people exceed their limits of knowledge about how to use it.

Either that be from hackers working with the FBI, or normal street folks that spend their life on computers and figured out how to hack into different networks themselves. These types of people that posses these hacking strategies could have a lot of control compared to the rest of us. It wouldn’t take long for them to somehow hack into a robot and control it’s every move. And if it falls into the wrong hands… poof. Robot apocalypse: where no one is safe from robots that are weapons themselves.

Or, if a malfunctioning would occur, and robots would go on a rampage, would we be able to protect the people?

To make matters worse, they are making robots that take on a lot of human qualities. So if they did go out of control, how would we be able to tell if something is a robot or a human? Simple: we should just stop trying to make robots so the fear of them taking over and destroying the human race plus more, would go away.

It’s kind of funny, cause at this point if the zombie or the robot apocalypse were to break out, I would rather it be the zombies cause at least they can’t fight back in similar techniques as us. Plus we would probably be able to tell if someone was dead/zombie or alive and a human.



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