Why You Should Consider Boarding School

“‘Oh Captain, My Captain’ who knows where that comes from?’  Todd looks up as if he knows the answer, but says nothing. Spaz blows his nose a little too close to Meeks for his liking. ‘Not a clue? It’s from a poem by Walt Whitman about Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Now in this class you can call me Mr. Keating. Or, if you’re slightly more daring, Oh Captain, My Captain'” (Dead Poet’s Society).

Why would anyone want to go to boarding school? Isn’t it just like the movies; with snobby rich kids who have to obey a dress code and study all the time? Aren’t the headmasters like all the ones in Dead Poet’s Society? How about the horror movie, Innocence; or the TV show House of Anubis? Actually no. Surprise–the movies are fake. Boarding school has much more to offer than people realize. Yes some can afford boarding school more easily than others, however an education is priceless. Also, depending on the school, financial aid programs can be offered to those who have a strong desire to attend boarding school.

Okay, but come on, why should you go to boarding school? Why not just play regular sports at your regular school with regular classes? If you’re someone who is interested in succeeding in school, sports, and in life, boarding school is the perfect place for you.

If you’re not, and you hope to live at home your whole life, don’t go to boarding school.

According to ourkids.net, depending on what type of boarding school you go to, a specific type of athletic program may be favored or emphasized. This opens kids up to enormous amount of resources that can help them achieve their dreams and goals. Boarding school offers programs to students that help them network and prepare for their future. If a kid wants to play hockey professionally for example, coaches and advisers will be able to help connect them to important people in their industry and prepare them to be a top notch athlete.

That’s not all, though. Education is not neglected at any boarding school. To go to these elite academies means wanting a good education. Boarding schools design themselves to attract students who are serious about college and having a good education to fall back on should they get injured in sports.

Some types of schools focus not on sports, but educate their students to be “go-getters” in the business world or to be technological specialists that invent and create new software. No matter what you like to do, there is a school that offers a program centered around it. Some of the classes may even integrate the schools focus program into the curriculum.

Aside from the regular advanced courses, some schools offer programs for the even more advanced students to be challenged. The classes are taught by educators who love their job. They are people who aren’t there because they have to be, but because they want to be. The resources they provide you are endless and of a unique variety; difficult to find anywhere else.

Here’s a virtual tour of Stoneleigh- Burnham School given by two of the school’s juniors.

The academics, the extra curricular activities, and the athletics are just a few of the benefits boarding school has to offer for those who are fortunate enough or have a passion to attend. Many students embrace the fact that they get to live away from home. They will be prepared to live on their own in the real world which includes knowing how to do their own laundry and how to live and deal with other people. Students will also gain close friendships with peers because of the small numbers in each class compared to that of a public school. They are able to be motivated to do well in their studies by those peers who chose to go to the same school.

Fountain Valley is one of the many schools who believe in students with a passion and push them to be better people than they came as.

Many successful leaders in our society today give credit to their schools for their success. According to BussinessInsider.com, Donald trump went to New York Military Academy in the early 60’s. Actress Uma Thurman attended the Northfield Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts. These individuals had good start to their career before their career was even a possibility because of their education from these schools.

 BussinessInsider.com and boardingschoolreviews.com have teamed up and listed the top 50 Boarding schools in the U.S.

The top 5 are:


5. Deerfield Academy

Location- Deerfield, Massachusetts

2014-15 tuition cost-  $52,615

Average SAT score- 2000

According to the school, “33% percent of the student body receives aid; the average grant for a boarding student is $43,634.”  Many graduates attend ivy league schools.


4. St. Paul’s School

Location- Concord, New Hampshire

2014-15 tuition cost- $57,985

Average SAT score- 2028

More than 1/3 of St. Paul’s students receive financial aid. Many scholarships are available through the school as well.


3. Groton School

Location- Groton, Massachusetts

2014-15 tuition costs- $56,700

Average SAT score- 2104

A total of 39% of students who attend Groton receive financial aid. They are an Episcopal based school; revolving all activities around this religion.


2. Phillips Academy Andover

Location- Andover, Massachusetts

2014-15 tuition costs- $41,300

Average SAT score- 2076

Nearly 1/3 of the 2013 graduating class went to ivy league schools. 47% of the students who attended received financial aid.


1. Phillips Exeter Academy

Location- Exeter, New Hampshire

2014-15 tuition costs- $46,905

Average SAT score- 2107

46% of students receive financial aid at Phillips Exeter Acedemy. It also embraces a range of culture available to students. Large internships and study abroad programs are available.


Interested in finding what boarding school would meet your needs? Visit find A School to search boarding schools around the world. You can also visit the boarding school review page to search for a school you’ve heard about and want to find more information on or just an overview of a school. Need more of a reasons to go? Visit Top Ten Reason to Go to Boarding School.

Will you choose success? Will you choose to be serious about your education? Will you choose boarding school? It’s up to you.

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