Why American Schools are Suffering

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Teachers are they as good as you think they are? American schools are good in some ways and bad in many ways. Everyone has to go to school but some schools have better grade averages and some are really low. In my years of going to school I have had many good and bad teachers.

One year I had this teacher that was one of the worst teachers I’ve had throughout my years of going to school.

They did many things wrong. The things they did wrong were they expected the student to know things that we never learned. Some other things are that the teacher taught us information that we would never need to know on the test. This would just get the students confused. Also we never knew when the due dates were. This class was the worst class I’ve been through throughout my years going thorough school.

Other countries vs America

This tells us how other schools are like and where we are ranked in the world when it comes to education.

Out of all the other countries there were 16 other countries above America in science and there was 23 countries above America in math.

15 year olds in Finland had the best science score and 2nd best score in math.

Finland does many things different than America, like they start school at the age of 7 and they barely use standardized testing. They give student very light homework loads. There is even more things finland does differently like funding is higher in middle school because there is a more likely chance of dropouts. And you can find more information at this source “Great Schools.org”.

America is one of the major countries in the world and education is an amazing thing that everyone should be able to have. We should have a great system with good teachers and well funded schools and a good system to teach.

Students in America and Finland schools are different and there same in some ways in this video a student from Finland explains the differences “Finnish school vs. America school”.

It is a girl that is an student in Finland and gives us a better understanding on the life of a Finland student.

The teachers in the U.S

Teachers have a huge effects on the way students perform. There are differences and some similarities to the teachers in Finland and the U.S. The similarities are that they get payed about the same.

There are more differences than similarities like you have to have a master’s degree to be a teacher. Some other ones are it is way more competitive to be a teacher and collage is free in Finland.

The money put into education

America is a powerhouse and puts a lot of money in education. America is near the top for how much money the put in education like some of these graphs¬†show. The graphs and some other information was found at “The Institute of Education Sciences”.

So they put all this money in and they are rank in the middle of the pack for education. There is more statistics about the funding of education at the¬†“The Institute of Education Sciences”.

Teachers in the U.S. affect the students learning. Teachers in America are not as good and educated as other countries teachers. Teachers in Finland have to go through more training than the U.S. Teachers have too.

We put in all this money in education and we don’t have good enough teachers to put America near the top. This is one reason why American schools are suffering. There is some good things american schools have but there is always improvement and thats what America needs.

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