We’re Still Not Equal

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Women and men are still not equal. In history class you learn about women’s suffrage, and how that gives us the right to vote, so now we are equal and stuff like that, blah, blah. WRONG. There are still many things that make us unequal in today’s world.

Stereotypes/Gender Roles

We no longer believe in the stereotype where all the women stay at home doing laundry, making dinner for the family, doing other house chores, and raising the children. Because women want to do more than that. And it is amazing that we can now. However, there are some women that would like being a housewife, and that is amazing also. Whatever you want to do, do it. Nothing should be holding you back.

But when we get to the area of something that is typically male dominated, it is much harder to actually do what you want.

Women in Government

Let’s say a woman wants to become active in the government, or a political leader of some sort. We can easily say things like, “More power to ya!” But it is harder to support big things like this when there are a lot of people that disagree. There are people in this world (men) that don’t like the idea of women in government, even despise the thought. And I am by no means saying that all guys are misogynists, because that is so not true. But how are we supposed to climb the ranks if the ones at the top are a bunch of men that don’t want a woman to “take their place?”

Now there are some guys that welcome the political presence of women, but not everybody does. And that is the problem.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, the percent of women in Legislature as of 2015 was less than 41% for each state. Meaning that in each of the 50 states, less than 41% of the Legislature was composed of women.

Our government is mostly occupied by males. Males that want to keep all men in control. (Mostly.) Because let’s face it, everyone is a little biased to think their gender is dominant. In our world, men are seen as dominant. I believe nobody is dominant. Not girls, not guys. That is what equal means. Everything is 50-50. Well, at least it should be.

Women in the Military

Of course, women are usually discriminated in the military. There can be sexual harassment from the guys, and not fitting in to the camaraderie with the other soldiers, simply because of being a girl.

However, the Navy welcomes women, and women holding the positions of officers.


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But what if the Navy isn’t for her? What if she feels called to the Marines? Or the front lines in Afghanistan?

She can join any branch of the military she wants. The struggle kicks in when she tries to do more. For one, women are not allowed to fight on the front lines. But what if she wants to? What if she wants to serve her country, and that is the way she wants to do so? Well for now, we just tell her she can’t do that. But she can. The men in charge just won’t let her. And I understand that women are shorter, smaller, have less muscle, more likely to be wounded, etc. And I realize that it is “for our own good” because we are physically less capable, and that is just how we were made. But guys, you will never know the sense of longing. Like “oh, I wish I could do that.” Because men can do whatever. Be whatever.

I read an article once about women being infantry, and why that is bad. For the obvious things I said above, but also because we would be a sexual distraction to the men. Really. It said their “raging hormones” drives them to work hard, and having women around would throw them out of whack. Women are more than just things to look at. We don’t deserve to be treated like that.

In another article arguing the other side of this “debate,” it is said that “mixed-gender units succeed in the harshest environments.” It also says, “Have there been problems in unit cohesion?  Certainly.  But these problems are not unique to women. […] There are plenty of instances of all-male units failing to coalesce into a perfect unit, resulting in some […] dire consequences.” (If you would like to read this article, click here.)

Dress Code

The dress code is virtually non-existant for boys. At our school, it is virtually non-existant whatsoever.

But at some schools, girls are literally being sent home. Refused their education. All because of what they wear. Usually leggings.

Oh. My. Goodness.

What is wrong with leggings? Oh yeah, I forgot. They outline our butts, causing a distraction to the poor innocent boys around us. (I was being sarcastic if you could not tell!!)

But you know what? Those things are really comfortable!

So instead of teaching girls to change and not “distract” boys, why not teach our boys to have a little bit of respect for women. Because I want to wear comfy clothes that I like without having to worry about boys staring at my butt all day. We are more than just objects for you to stare at. We are human beings, with ideas and feelings, and brains. We deserve to be treated as such.


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