To Hunt or Not to Hunt?

Post by Dylan E.

Regulated population control or animal genocide?

Lets talk about it.

Wolves brave enough to attack people?! Who is next for their meal?  The child camping with his parents or your own pet?  What can we do to prevent this in the future?  Wolf management and hunting.

The Former Wolf Hunt

Now we have lost the right to hunt these animals because of a Federal judge’s ruling against hunting of them due the fact that they don’t occupy their entire original environment.

Although now we have lost chance to control the population until “the population returns to its full original environment”.  This is extremely unrealistic because a majority of the range they use to roam is now suburbs cities and farms where they do more harm then good.  Also the population of wolves in Minnesota does not directly affect say the amount of wolves in Montana.  No matter how many we have they will never migrate to Montana.  So if we have an excess amount of wolves and they have a small amount  of them then there is no reason why we shouldn’t hunt our excess.  Also because of the lack of a wolf hunt some extreme hunters are embracing the 3 S rule, shoot shovel and shut up, as an alternate to legal regulation.

Also many other people don’t really understand how the wolf hunt is planned and carried out.  The wolf hunting season is highly regulated and watched with harsh penalties for those who poach or don’t comply with the regulations.  Also not everyone can get a license.  When you register for a licence your entry is put into a lottery and a select few are then given the ability to hunt one wolf and that doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to get one.  Then you need to call in to the DNR to see what the current amount of taken wolves is for your zone in relation to the quote set for it.  If you do get a wolf then you need to call it in to the DNR at the next available moment to ensure that the amount taken is within the quote.  When it nears the set amount a warning is given or the season is announced done for that zone to help limit the amount taken.

In my personal belief I believe that the wolf hunt is a necessity to control the population.  For instance when you control the deer population at a certain level through hunting, relocation and releasing deer you can maintain the population.  Though when you add wolves to this equation they basically have an unlimited supply of food at the given moment creating an environment where the wolves will eventually outnumber the deer causing a crash in both populations.

This is what happened at my hunting cabin this year the wolves out numbered the deer so next year there won’t be any deer so there won’t be any food for the wolves then causing an unhealthy drop in both populations that doesn’t always recover.  Though if we were to harvest a select amount of the population of wolves we could control the population allowing for a healthy supply of both animals for ourselves as well as our posterity.

Romanticizing and Real Life

Also people seem to romanticize the wolf as this peaceful animal that only kills when it absolutely needs to which is quite untrue.  The wolves are not some pet that people can name and feed and expect some sort of compassion back from.  They are instinctive killers who do what it takes to survive and then some.  My Grandfather way back when he first started hunting near our cabin passed Two Harbours remembers a year when the snow was chest to head height in depth and the deer had very difficult time moving around and when he went back into the cedar swamps the ground was covered in uneaten deer that had been killed by the wolves in a hunt.  He thought that they numbered in the twenties to thirties(deer corpses).

Also my great grandfather when first visiting our hunting land was followed by a wolf.  He got a train to drop him off just outside of a Fairbanks, Mn and he continued to walk along the railroad into the woods.  After he several miles he looked behind him to see a wolf following him along the tracks about a half a mile back. It followed him for about ten minutes until my great grandfather drop some of his food to get the wolf to stop following him.

They even are bold enough to stock or attack humans like the wolf attack on the teen in 2013.  Also a family friend of mine while legally hunting and taking a wolf was stocked by them.  After he shot what appeared to be a lone wolf and he got down next to the body he was immediately surrounded by wolves running around where he then grabbed the wolf he had taken and ran back to our cabin with the dead wolf while the wolf pack chased him until he was halfway back to the cabin. He commented that it was the first time he had been afraid to be in the woods in his life.

The wolf attack video:


The question of whether or not wolf hunting should be legal came down to a fifty-fifty votes for and against it.  Many people who are against the wolf hunt just don’t understand what is happening in northern Minnesota and wolf amounts.

The question for whether or not the state or federal government should control wolf regulations came down to 11 votes for state, 4 for federal and two people who said yes.  I believe it should be a state choice because the populations don’t affect other states.  Although if the Federal Government controlled it you would have states like Hawaii throwing their opinion in when they will never be affected by wolf regulations.

Also someone commented as Unanimous and I think they meant to be called Anonymous.
So now with the court decision the DNR will go back to silently trapping wolves themselves to control the population without a wolf hunt to see in the near future…

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2 thoughts on “To Hunt or Not to Hunt?

  1. regarding your blog I think you did a good job but there is too much opinion involved however the personal stories are a great addition. regarding some of your grandfathers story and wolves killing for fun I’m afraid your grand fathers stories might be exaggerated. I have no doubt that it is possible for your grand father to find one or two deer corspse, wolves will kill eat as much as they need and leave the rest for later, but the death of 20 to thirty deer is unrealistic wolves although they’re animals wolves are actually quite intelligent and will only kill what they need.

  2. While many of your points are valid you are making wolves out to be some kind of “human hunter” when that is not the case at all. They are not dangerous to humans and even though there was one attack on that teen in 2013 that wolf had a deformed jaw which wouldn’t let the wolf hunt and feed in the ways a normal wolf would. My evidence can be found here
    Wolf attacks are incredibly uncommon and that is the first recorded case in Minnesota and it wasn’t by a healthy wolf it was by a desperate wolf that needed food. It was an incredibly isolated incident and while wolves are still wild animals and should be dealt with with as much caution as you would use on a bear or any other dangerous wild animal that doesn’t mean they are out to get humans. Also your uncle shooting a wolf and then being chased by the pack kinda makes sense to me. What do you think you would do if someone shot and killed one of your family members? You’d probably be pretty angry and want to chase them down as well. While this situation isn’t exactly the same because obviously we are different organisms all together the concept is the same. Wolves are highly social creatures that rely on their packs and other wolves to survive. So it is understandable to me that after killing a wolf the other wolves would not be so happy about it. However your points about population crashes and relation to deer population are very good points. I do agree with most of this blog post and you did sway me somewhat on the hunting of wolves and the post was very well written. I just feel like you were making wolves out to be bloodthirsty killers that they aren’t.

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