Tips and Tricks to a Successful Sports Season

It was sections of track on May 31st, 2017. I was preparing for one of my last races of the day, if i didn’t win my heat it would also be my last race of the season. I was very quiet and contemplative until the race started. Knowing this could be my last time running I knew that I had to do something big. The race was a 300 Meter hurdle (refer to picture).  At the beginning I started pretty well was gaining on all my opponents staggered ahead of me. As I passed one over a hurdle, he said “Fuck” not satisfied with his efficiency over the hurdle. On the last stretch and in the lead I began to hear steps close behind me and feel extreme fatigue start to creep into my lungs and legs but not my mind. With all the shouting and screaming I heard the voice of one of my coaches and neighbor yell “You gotta fight for it!” This made me reflect on the season’s grind and what I was really running for (Competition and Challenge) in a spit second. With my resolve I finish first and selt good for doing so. My season was Prolonged and it came down to one race. But a lot more went into that race.


Successful season are a result 3 things. Preparation, Mental Toughness, and Performance.

Here we’ll go in depth on all those three components to help improve on any sport.


Preparation is knowing what you need to do in order to win or reach a goal. This includes offseason work, eating healthy, stretching, and most importantly resting.

Eating Healthy

Healthy lifestyle’s are pivotal in performance, it’s the difference between injury and fatigue.

An article from says, “Caloric intake is probably the most important aspect of sports nutrition. A calorie is a unit of energy used by your body to fuel all body functions and activities. The higher an individual’s activity level, the higher their calorie requirements will be. For example, a marathon runner will require a much higher energy intake than a golfer. Inadequate calorie intake can cause athletes to feel sluggish and weak and negatively affect coordination and concentration”.

More importantly than how much you was is what you eat. One must surround themselves with the right types of protein, carbs, and drink plenty of fluids. That way you can replenish your body, build on and sustain on your level of play.

Mental Toughness

Mental toughness in the face of adversity define an athlete’s character. The ability to push through workout and give your all when chances are slim and your brain is scrambled from exhaustion is a gift.

The message in this video is timeless and beautiful. You must try until the very end and if you do that the result won’t matter. In in those crucial last moments where you have to decide whether you are going to take the easy way out or fold. That is the difference between the great and the elite.

Mental toughness includes fearlessness. Never being afraid to attack and compete. It takes confidence in your ability and hunger to perfect it.


There is no secret to performing it’s either you compete at the level you would like to or you don’t. But it’s the moment when all you have worked for is showed and proved whether it’s on the court, field, or rink. Showing your ability against opponents show how much work that you have put in.

All in all to be successful in any type of sport you must constantly work hard and never forget what you are working towards.

Featured Image From Pixabay

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