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Lol ūüėā¬†is there even a text message today sent with proper grammar or without emoji’s? My four year old sister’s favorite pastime is watching Netflix or playing games on her iPad. Today’s generation will never know a life without technology, smart technologies are most of the time portrayed as a learning tool, but what¬†about the negative side of¬†new technologies?

Doreen Dodgen-Magee a Rosemead School of Psychology-educated, licensed psychologist has research to back up her concerns of her children as well as others spending too much time on technology. In her research, Doreen has come to the conclusion that spending too much time on technology will effect the pre-frontal cortex of the brain in the emotional and empathy regions.

This results in less of an ability to communicate in a social  situation and less of an ability to adapt in new situations. Perhaps the most alarming discovery that Doreen made was the impact of violent or thematic images on the brain. People who play an increased number of violent video games have a significantly lower empathetic response to real-life violence. Doreen also states that the more violent images that the brain takes in on a screen increases the brains tendency to want to find real-life situations, therefore leading to illegal behavior in extreme cases.

Chris Rowan Writes In her article “The Impact of Technology on the Developing Child”¬†that technology is causing a disruption of core family values that 20 years ago held families together. Rowan writes that it is not the child but¬†mainly the child’s parents that put the devices in their hands. Parents today rely laboriously on today’s¬†smart technologies to juggle busy lives.

This article also refers to the 2010 Kaiser Foundation study that revealed that in elementary aged students,  75% of children have their own TV in their bedrooms, and 50% of all American homes have a TV running most of the day. In total a child uses about 7.5 hours of entertainment technology in just one day.

Technology now occupies the mass majority of a child’s play time, this makes it hard for the child’s growth in creativity and imagination. Technology also limits the challenges that a child needs to develop necessary sensory and motor development skills. High speed games and television shows are creating children who enter school struggling with self regulation and the inability to attain necessary¬†skills to achieve literacy, this then evolves into more sever behavioral issues. Rowan also writes in her blog that the rapidly advancing technology can cause multiple health issues in a developing child. These issues include physical, psychological, and behavior disorders.

Among more serious concerns, the overuse of technology is a contributor to the now national epidemics in both the United States and Canada. These epidemics are child obesity and diabetes. Other disorders that involve the overuse of technology are ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and many more.

Rowan states that there are four major factors that are required for a healthy child’s development. These factors are movement, touch, human connection, and the exposure to natural elements. These sensory inputs help ensure the child’s development of posture, bilateral coordination, and self regulation that is unavoidable in able for a child to be prepared for school.

The connection that technology creates is very beneficial but it is disconnecting children, rather than talking and playing with their children parents are resorting to providing them with TV’s, iPad’s, and many other forms of technology. The effect that technology has on today’s children is only going to escalate with the increase in new technologies.

Despite all the negative factors that technology disposes onto children, there are also huge benefits.¬†For¬†educational purposes technology can be very efficient and beneficial to a child’s learning. William McCoy writes in his article “Five Positive Effects of Technology on Education” ¬†that technology can be used for educational research, globalization, distance education, and web seminars. Globalization and distance education are among the newest technological advantages available for a child’s learning. For example Globalization makes it easier for a student to learn a different language¬†from other teachers globally. Distance education mainly helps collage students who don’t have the time or money to enroll in a university, so instead the student would take online classes at their convince. ¬†Even with the many negative effects that plagues today’s generation with technology, there are many positives that can be helpful in their future if directed correctly.

In the video below, 7 News in Denver Colorado tells two different sides of the story on whether today’s generation should embrace Technology or cut back on the use of it. Both sides of the story that are told have very interesting points of view on both sides of the situation.

Based on the above research and the information in this video, technology can be a bad thing, but with the right motivation and limitations technology can be beneficial.

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