The Pay of Today: Athletes and Their Pay Check

Athletes and Their Pay Check

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Would it not be nice to make twenty million dollars a year for just playing a sport that you love. Lebron James, an NBA player makes about twenty-two million dollars a year. That is fifty-five more times then the president. The President may start with colorful hair and end with grey spots from all the stress from his job. While Lebron is doing a hobby. Athletes not only make money from the team that they play for, but also from sponsors that they advertise their products for. The endorser can hand out thousands to millions of dollars to the athlete.

Money Mismanagement

Some will blow through their money very quickly.  After retirement some go bankrupt in the following months. Lawrence Taylor, a ten-time Pro Bowler and two time Super Bowl winner, declared bankruptcy after struggling with heavy drinking and abusing illegal drugs according to this article by Chris Martin. Lawrence Taylor is not the only one to mismanage his money, Scottie Pippen, the co-star to Michael Jordan of the legendary Chicago Bulls was near bankruptcy but never officially declared bankruptcy. Many of the superstar use their money in the incorrect ways, while it could have been used for bettering society.

Use Their Money To Help

Ndamukong Suh of the Miami Dolphins gave six hundred thousand dollars to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College According to this article by Heathor.  Eli Manning a NFL player for the Giants raised 2.5 million after Hurricane Katrina also, Lebron James the same person who makes 22 million dollars supports the Boys and Girls Club, raising 2.5 million for the Boys and Girls Club and and 3.5 million dollars to other Charities. There may be players who waste their money on illegal drugs but, other can try to help the environment and society with the thousands of dollars that they have.

History of Athletes Pay

In the 1920’s baseball players were paid about $100 to $300 a game which is about $1000 to $3000 in today’s money. Superstar Babe Ruth only made about one million dollars in today’s money. Then in the 60’s as technology advances, audiences were in the million with the television becoming more widespread. As audiences become larger the amount of money that was brought in increased. With the NBA, NFL and MLB racking in more money, they were able to dish out more money to areas like player salary. So many superstars became millionaires.  Following in 1972 the first one million dollar per year contract was given to Bobby Hull, a NHL player. Flash forward to today and there are 25 million dollar contracts. So due to the increase televisions, audiences grew and with it the amount of money that athletes made.

Salary Comparison

The president makes about $400,000 a year while try to protect the country as Kobe makes 25 million a year.  A hardworking soldier can make $25,000 to $75,000 a year while Aaron Rodger makes 19.1 million dollars a year. A mother can work ten hour days and make around $30,000 a year while Carmelo Anthony’s salary is 22.88 million a year.

College Athletes Salaries

Professional athletes make millions a year while college athletes do not make any money that they can spend. Instead the college players are give scholarships which cost thousands but, the scholarship can not buy food, not yet any way. If the student spends some time in the school aspect, they are acquiring an education which can help with jobs in their future lives if being a superstar does not work out. Compared to $22,000,000,  on the other hand, an education is not that much. 22 million is more then many people will in their entire life. College and professional pretty much do the same thing. Both practice and play for an extended amount of time. Both travel to and from their team’s city but, one is receiving an education that they might not need and the other is making millions. You choose which one you would rather have.


Many Athletes today are making millions more then the athletes of past eras. The average athlete makes more then the president of the United States of America and with their big pay check many struggle with managing their money and go bankrupt, so after they retire they are wasting million of dollars that could improve society. On the other side of the spectrum plenty help out society with donations and raising money. A Professional can make the difference with their money but college athletes can not do as much as they do not get paid direct money. It is not bad that athletes make millions as many come from poverty but, it depends how they spend their money that is the real game-changer.

All athletes pay stats all come from this article. The salaries for the jobs come form this article

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