The Idiocy of a Store with Smart in it’s Name

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I have always found it ironic that PetSmart decided it was a great idea to add Smart to it’s name, when the company and its employees aren’t always the brightest.  

As a pet owner myself, not only of the basic cat or dog, I have always found amusement in visiting this retailer’s stores and websites.  Why? For the general purpose of pointing out errors and feeling sorry for the animals that have to live in conditions not at all close to mimicking their natural environments. I have found countless things wrong with PetSmart, ranging from the stupidity of their employees, to countless mistakes laid across the expanse of their website.

Let’s Start with the Website

Ah, the PetSmart website.  In an age of technology I can see that many people may be more drawn to shopping online versus the struggle of getting up, getting dressed, getting in a car, and driving all the way there.  Thus, one could imagine that PetSmart would put at least some effort into making their website the best it could possibly be.  Admittedly it does look nice, if you are like me it doesn’t take long to begin finding errors.

Incorrect Information

Quite possibly my favorite part of the website is the live fish section.  Of course, if you are shopping online you can’t really purchase the fish unless you are in store.  However, if you are looking for information about certain fish then you have come to the right place!

Er, maybe not.

Yes, yes, PetSmart does have information about their fish.  But, for many, the information is incorrect.  Take the Crowntail Betta for example.  For tank setup, the website states that the fish needs 1+ quarts of space.  However, according to a Betta Fish forum, these fish need a

2.5 gallon or larger aquarium

For comparison, 2.5 gallons is equal to 10 quarts.

So, I have to ask, why does PetSmart think that something that small is suitable? Okay, yes, maybe a fish can survive in something that small.  Yet, surviving is not thriving.

‘Fancy’ Animals

I honestly find it hilarious that PetSmart thinks that they can slap a ‘Fancy’ label on nearly any animal in the store just to make more of a profit. I would love to hear an employee explain to me exactly what the difference is between a Leopard Gecko, and a ‘Fancy’ Leopard Gecko.  Sure, there are hundreds of different morphs for reptiles and that is probably the only difference.  However, most of the time the fancy and non-fancy morph are so similar in rarity that a breeder would sell them for roughly the same price.  

The thing I do not understand at all is the fact that PetSmart sells a “Fancy Longfin Male Betta”. Now, I just want to take a moment to compare these two fish.

This is the more fancy betta, while here is the regular male betta.

Besides the color, can you spot a difference, primarily in the fin shape? No? That’s because these fish are the exact same morph.  Yet, apparently to PetSmart they are entirely different.  Why? Who knows!  But it is a bit outrageous that this ‘Fancy’ betta goes for $24.99, while the other one goes for $4.59. Perhaps they think no one will be able to tell the difference, or maybe they just have no idea what they’re doing.

You can see this again if you take a look at the pictures of PetSmart’s hermit crabs, and their fancy hermit crabs.  The only difference, besides price, is one of the images is enlarged.

The Store Itself


Image by Nate Steiner on Flickr

Okay, so not just the website is full of errors that I, and others could spend hours correcting. The store itself is full of employees that, to put it kindly, aren’t that bright. I have encountered multiple instances where I have found that they frequently give out incorrect information. They may know some things, but when it comes to proper pet care I find they are lacking knowledge.

I came across a fish forum with a thread specifically made to point out errors that PetSmart employees have made. For example,

The heater in your tank probably didn’t help. Betta fish are cold water fish and really don’t like heat at all.

Yet, according to this fish forum, betta fish require temperatures of at least 78 degrees, since they are tropical fish. Seems that this employee was a bit uneducated. Perhaps they assumed these fish require cold temperatures, considering they keep them in small, unheated cups, which are even smaller than the size PetSmart officially recommends on it’s website.


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  1. As a pet owner I also agree completely, it’s not only large stores sadly, even local pet stores give incorrect or not enough information on animals

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