The High Tech Game of Hide and Seek

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Today’s technology is crippling our youth and is ruining their social skills. It is even to the point where we would rather text or email somebody than talk to them in person. We hide behind the screens of our phones, iPods, laptops etc., and talk to our friends using our technology instead of actually leaving our homes.

There is one main reason why we prefer to communicate behind a screen rather than actually talking face to face.

 Fear of actually talking to someone

I think that this is something that most of us will relate to.

Whether it is because you do not have enough confidence, you do not want to embarrass yourself, being to lazy to do it ,or you are just downright scared. Almost all of us have been in this situation before.

When you are texting someone there is not as much of an emotional connection as there would be if you were actually talking to their face. This makes it easier to talk to them and gives us a little boost of confidence since we can not see how the person is physically reacting to what we are saying.


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Very recently one of my younger sisters was in a fight with one of her closest friends. This was over Thanksgiving break so they never got a chance to actually talk to each other. All they did was communicate over text. There were a lot of misunderstandings between the two of them which ended up just making their fighting worse. They would not talk to each other face to face because they were both worried about how the other person would react and did not want to hurt the others’ feelings. Eventually they went to Caribou and talked it out over coffee.

They were back to talking like normal the next day.

This shows another reason why just communicating through texting is not good. It can lead to many misunderstandings because you can not always understand what someone is trying to say by simply reading a text. Texts can be interpreted many different ways. It is especially difficult when people try to make sarcastic comments and it sounds to you like they are not being sarcastic.

The impact this has on people

Since most people now hide behind their devices and communicate through the internet or texting their has been a decrease in the level of social skills that people now have.

An article by Deseret News National  talks about how many people communicate to their families more through technology but the quality of communication is not as great. It also talks about how technology is really effecting the younger generation of kids.

The increase in talking over texting has also lead to an increase in social anxiety in teens. Teens are not as exposed to going out and talking to people as they used to be. Therefore, many teens get anxiety when going out in public and talking to people that they would not normally talk to such as waiters, people working at stores or just friendly strangers wanting to chat.

The reason this happens is because teens become familiar with only communicating using their phones. So when they go out in public they feel overwhelmed and awkward because they are not as used to face to face communication.

How to talk to someone if you are too nervous

If you are just too nervous to talk to someone and that is the reason why you are hiding behind your device, there are many helpful videos and articles that can help you become less nervous about approaching someone.

There is a website called Succeed Socially .com that has many helpful articles about how to talk to people and gradually get over your fears.

Also, a good first step to any conversation is simply just saying hi.

To sum it all up, technology is the reason why the social skills of today’s teenagers are not to the same standards that they have been in the past. This game of hiding behind our phones and wishing we could be able to talk to people face to face without getting anxiety, becomes more and more common with the advances in today’s technology.

My goal for you now is to talk face to face with someone that you have only communicated with through texting or over the internet and that you may be a little hesitant to talk to. And remember, most conversations will probably be a little awkward to start but the more you do it, the less awkward it will be.






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