Technology Improving our World

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As life goes on improvements happen daily, from faster cars, to better medicine it never stops. The 21 century has shown that there is no limit on what humans can do, especially in the fields of technology. One of the biggest benefits of technology is the improvements in the global community. This benefits many people allowing them to feel more connected to one another and the spread of ideas is just a click away. 

Personal Connections

The evolution of computers and communications technology in the past three decades has been extraordinary. As the internet more web sites were created and lots of these sites would be known as “social media”. This site shows the hand full of social media sites that connect people virtually. Sites like these put the user’s life online to share with the whole world. This was a very new concept to lots of people, but it spread like wildfire. YouTube was one of the first  social media sites that allowed you to make and share videos online. With years passing millions of new users started to use the site, and with videos from around the world people started to see life through others eyes along with all the different places and  cutler the world has to offer. Just like YouTube other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram were created that allowed peers to see another portion of their lives outside of their school or work.

Technology and Businesses  

As the global economy is growing more businesses are being created and going viral which allows the whole world to be a costumer. With more people online, businesses create ads and commercials that they upload to attract more customers. Also with online shopping they can sell their product and ship it to you wherever you live. Online shopping is starting to take over as it is more easier with less amount of work, which led to some huge companies like Amazon and eBay. Also businesses get the opportunity to have global partners with the help of tools like Skype, email or GoToMeeting that help organize communication.



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Conquering languages

Technology is spreading unique different culture around the world. The main way it is doing this is communication. A rise in technologies like VRI translations, Google Translate, Rosetta Stone are allowing easier translation and interpretation from one language to another. With this communication between nations becomes more frequent and efficient, also tourist can easily communicate when they are visiting another country. At times it may seem like these apps are giving off wrong information, but technology with communication between two different languages is just at it’s beginning there is no telling where it will go.  

Improving Grades

Education is one of the most important things in the world, and the push for better education along with ways to do that are searched for daily. Technology is helping improve education every day. It is viewed as a second teacher in the classroom. Students get the benefit of searching for things they don’t know and learning with visual aids, watching how to videos online. Not just the student gets benefited, but also the parent. Nowadays most parents have super busy schedules and can not help their kids with homework or keep track of what they are doing in school. That is when technology comes in and the parent goes online to sees what their kid is working on in school and keep track of them.

Saving Lives 

One of technology’s greatest benefits is its ability to saves people’s lives. Tracking devices are a great example. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say that in 2011 satellites were key in the rescue of 295 people in the United States. All these people were saved because of the tech that was able to find their location so help could have been sent. Tracking devices are not the only thing that saves lives. There are numerous of wonderful technologies in the medical fields like heart monitors, defibrillators, x-ray machines, etc. All of these help doctors all around the world improve the help they can provide to a patient.

Technology is unbelievably helpful in day to day life for a variety of things. But one of the best features of technology is the amount of fun it provides. 

Just have Fun With It

Technology is great in improving the world and solving the unsolvable problems, but also technology is fun! Around 155 million Americans play regularly play video games. How are they doing this? Technology, it is super addictive and fun the play with all of your friends. Along with console games there are thousands of fun addictive apps that sit right in your pocket just waiting to be explored. Also the thousands of movies and t.v shows we can enjoy. Like for example Netflix. Without technology there would be no Netflix and without Netflix life would be boring. 


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There is no telling where the world is going with technology, or how advanced it will get. But there is no telling where we would be without it.


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