Surviving the 9th grade

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A new school for everyone going into 9th grade!

The easy ways of middle school are now behind all of the new ninth graders. Its a new experience and it can–no, it will be–terrifying for most. This blog post will help you make it through this new and terrifying experience.


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First day

The first day is one of the worst. First, don’t miss your bus. Parents don’t like having to give you a ride on the first day, and you definitely do not want to be late on the first day. It also puts more stress on you to find your classes. You want to get to know your teachers. If you get to choose your spot, sit in front. I know that sounds crazy, but trust me, when you start taking notes and actually learning, it will make it ten times easier. It’s a proven fact that kids who sit in front get better grades. Next, try your best to memorize your route to your classes. Teachers will give you slack on the first couple days but it won’t last long. Plus being late to class three times you will get a grade reduction. Then at around 10:30 to 11:30 (depending on your lunch) you get to go to lunch. REMINDER–there are multiple lunch lines. You don’t all have to pile into the same line. Line one and line two serve THE SAME THING.

Pay attention to the rules. It’s obvious that none of us like to go over the rules in every class, but it will pay off. It will pay off, because the worst thing is when you get in trouble for something you literally didn’t know was wrong.

CONGRATS You’re done with the first day!

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Homecoming Week

This will be your first homecoming week. As ninth graders this will be the scariest homecoming of your high school career. You’re the enemy this week of the sharks of the school… the seniors. You’re the shark bait. There are ways to avoid being attacked by the sharks though; Follow their rules. The main rule is don’t wear senior color, aka black, on spirit day. Another thing is, at pep fest, the seniors will start their chant. “Sit down freshmen! Sit down Freshmen!” Although it’s fun to come up with a clever response, be careful what you choose to do. If you turn around and say “What now seniors!?” then you might live. But, if you decide to counter with “Sit down seniors!”, to put it bluntly, watch out. Seniors can be mean, and homecoming is just a reason to single out kids to pick on. So simply don’t anger the seniors. another thing to keep in mind is, not to be out in the hallways when the senior run is in process. You may be trampled. Which can result in… injuries. Or death. Well, no deaths yet, but don’t risk it. Another big thing to consider during homecoming week is dress code. Way too often do I see people running around in their underwear on get up and go day. No one wants to see that! Yes, you’re supposed to have fun dressing up all week, but keep it appropriate.


The grading system is different depending on the class you’re in. In some classrooms, homework is zero percent of your grade. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT! If homework is worth zero percent, then the other columns such as tests or quizzes will be the sole components of your grade. If you fail them, you fail the class. Homework will help you prepare for the quizzes and tests. Trust me, you want to be prepared.  So really it might seem amazing that your teacher is saying your homework doesn’t affect your grade, but really it’s a test to see if you are responsible. If you aren’t, then have fun trying to pass that class. Our school has program called ASAP. ASAP has been put in place to help ensure that you finish your work. If you are missing a certain amount of assignments, then you go to the Community room during lunch to work on them. Trust me, it’s NOT fun. Lunch is the time when you visit with your friends, right? WRONG. If you’re put in ASAP you can’t see your friends during lunch. Instead, have to go to the community room and do your missing assignments, and you continue doing that everyday until you are caught up.  Basically what I’m trying to say is DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Dress Code

You know that cute belly shirt hanging in your closet? Think it would go great with your new pair of bootie shorts? WRONG. Well, at least wrong during school hours. What about those polka dot boxers your mom just bought you; no one wants to see them. So pull up your pants! As much as you hate to admit it, you know we have a dress code at our school. Girls, hide those bra straps, and cover your belly and your butt. On guys, pull those pants up! Also,no one can wear hats, unless it’s a hat day at school, or it’s for medical reasons. Plus, as odd as it may sound, make sure your shoes have soles. AKA don’t wear slippers to school!


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Bullying is a very serious topic in all schools, not just ours. Bullying comes in many different ways, physically harming a student or his/her property or giving them reason to fear being harmed. Mental abuse is just as serious as physical. If you create a hostile environment for other students at our school, you will be punished.  It could be just a warning, but it can be a lot worst then a warning too. Other punishments include: suspension expulsion, or transfer. Elk River High School is a bully-free zone, And bullying will not be tolerated.


So you think you found the love of your life? Great! You can tell all the people you want. Heck, you could even shout it from your rooftop (Just don’t fall!). But you can’t display inappropriate affection towards them during school hours. Meaning, no making out in the hallways! Holding hands, and a simple hug goodbye is plenty during school.


Elk River High’s dances are a blast. The main dance that you will attend as a 9th grader is morp. It’s a night of fun indeed, but just remember, school rules still apply. No drinking or drugs. Keep the affection on the down-low. ***WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHING***. Dresses that barely cover your butts and breasts are NOT appropriate. I saw way to many girls dressed like that at my morp last year, and its not as cute as you girls think it is. All that it does is make it impossible to dance. So, keep it appropriate, and you’ll be comfortable and be able to have a good time. Dances usually end around 11-midnight. Doors are locked an hour after the dance starts, so if you leave you can’t come back. Dances are meant to be fun, but just remember that there are still rules while attending them.

I hope this blog helped you understand some things about your new school and how we roll here!



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