Superstitions and Handling your Emotions in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

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The Stanley Cup playoffs is family event in my house. Like most families do with the Super Bowl my family does it with the Stanley Cup. Playoff hockey is like no other, emotions are high and every play has the chance to decide the game. The series is seven games and every single game matters. Tempers flare and sometimes emotions get the best of both the players and the fans, Players need to be told to keep emotions in check because of what’s at stake could be ruined for the team. as seen in this article by the Boston Bruins. Fighting, blocking shots and doing anything to keep the puck out of the net, these players put their life and team on the line every shift. Everyone has their own superstitions like where they sit or the specific jersey they wear. It makes you feel you are giving the chance a better team to win.


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The playoffs are way more exciting when your team makes it.

Struggles to Triumph

Luckily I have been blessed for the past three years as the Los Angeles Kings(My Team) have not only made the playoffs but have won the Stanley Cup 2 out of the last three years. That is the result of four long years of crying and cursing the KIngs, their playoff drought felt so I long was about to give up on them. The year 2012 came around and they won the whole thing. Then in 2014 it was a landslide and won it was ease. All thanks to me and my superstitions.

Superstitions are very key when it comes to fans and winning in the playoffs.


Many times have I felt that the only way my team will win if I sit in a specific spot in the living room and wear my Kings jersey. When I watch the Playoffs I never get off the couch or even take my eyes off the screen. Thinking that if I do they will give up a goal. Superstitions is  “a belief or way of behaving that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or luck : a belief that certain events or things will bring good or bad luck”(Merriam Webster). All superstitions are for good luck but when they don’t work it is time to switch it up. Just never give up on your team, they will come around.

How to Handle Emotions

Like most fans when your team doesn’t perform you lose your temper and get mad easily. Well that is why I watch the games alone because I tend to blame my family members for the Kings defeat.

Every fan has lost their temper over their team’s loss, including myself, but I’m hear to say it is not worth it. Yes, I have cried over the Kings and I have yelled at the T.V. but I have learned that there is always next year. You can’t blame yourself for the team’s failure only the team you cheer for is to blame. A great article from says”Emotions ran high during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs against the San Jose Sharks. Major brawls broke out across the ice as the teams tie it up, 1-1.” 

Overtime in the Playoffs

I’m here to say that overtime in the Stanley Cup playoffs is an extremely emotional time. Sometimes it just gets the best of you. Every save, and every shot makes you almost jump out of your seat. Watching your team lose in a Double overtime thriller is what no fan should have to go through. It is accelerating during the game but when your team loses its a mix between wanting to cry and wanting to throw something. But it’s key to stay calm especially around friends so you do not show any weakness. 

Watching Games with Your Friends

Sometimes watching the Playoffs with your friends is the worst thing that can happen to anybody. Especially if they do not cheer for the team you like. I have never felt more pain than watching my friends team win and him shoving it in my face. That is the worst type of humiliation because they will hold that on you until the two teams play again. Always keep control of your anger and always know there will be next time.

What You’ve Learned

NHL games are intense and fun but they are not worth losing sleep over. There will always be a next year. If you have a superstition and your team is winning, keep doing it but if not change it up.

My final words are stick with the team you love and do not be a bandwagoner.


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