Stop Animal Testing? That’s Raticulous

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What do you think of when you hear of animals being tested on? Do you think of cute little chimps getting hurt for no good reason?

Well, there is a very good reason for hurting these animals. The reason is: saving human lives! Most people argue hurting animals is the most inhumane thing people can do. What is inhumane in sacrificing some animal’s well being to save human lives?

How has animal testing saved lives?

Animal testing has played a huge role in medical advancements with help on things from antibiotics to chemotherapy. Without animal testing we might not have these things today. The great similarity between the systems of animals and humans significantly help towards new advances. Through studies, animal testing has helped further Cancer, AIDS, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Hepatitis C, Birth Defects, Countermeasures for Bioterrorism, epilepsy, Spinal Cord Injuries, Cystic Fibrosis, and more.

Animal testing helps saves the millions of lives effected by such diseases. It may unethical to kill animals to help with these advancements, but it is not any less ethical to use humans for testing. While human subjects may be dying anyway, it is more morally right to let an animal due to experimental testing then a human. If we use animals until we know what works, then we can use the working drug/procedure to save the people dying.

Animal Testing Blown Out of proportion

The United States population eats enough chickens to the point of there being 340 dead chickens for every 1 chicken tested on. We are more responsible for animal deaths than animal testing and yet people continue to blame corporations.

Animal rights activists only see the worst cases of animal testing out there. In reality, most animals don’t die and consist of just rats, mice, and other small rodents. The internet generally consists of pictures and videos of animal cruelty they are old and outdated practices.  Since the Animal Welfare Act of 1966, companies are legally required to have water, housing, and inspections for the animals. They are also required to have an Animal Care and Use Committee to watch over the treatment of the animals and make sure it is humane. The better the animal is treated the better the test results seem to be, giving scientists no reason to treat the animals poorly.

Animal testing is not what it seems to be.

While organizations may have continued after laws were passed. It has been a long time since it has been like this:

Treatment and Conditions of the Animals

What most people don’t realize: is that the scientists actually care for and about the animals. They are treated the best the can and this is ensured by the laws created. Animals being tested on are bred for such reasons. If the scientists were to send them out into the wilderness or to homes to have them be adopted, they would most certainly die in these environments. This is because they were only meant for testing and this forces the scientists to euthanize them. This is harder for the scientists then people understand and is only done for the greater good of the animals. It may be sad to do this and not give them a chance, but when they are euthanized they don’t feel any pain and happens very quickly.

Another thing to look at when using animals for experimental tests is lifespan. While humans can live for many years, animals have a short time in the world. In the labs, scientists give animals proper food, water, and housing. Essentially they receive better care then having to live off of plants or human scraps. The scientists give them a short, happy life and if humans die while doing the experiments they would be missing out and many years rather then the couple extra an animal would get.

Hitting Close to Home

Where would the lives of our loved ones by without animal testing?

My grandpa has Bradycardia and has needed a pacemaker for a while now to keep his heart in line.  Without animal testing him, and many others like him, would be dead. Pacemakers were first used on animals to make sure they were safe. If this was not done, we would not have used pacemakers without knowing what they would do to people. It’s hard to imagine animals getting hurt, especially to those have pets at home. The animals being tested on are cared for and I would rather have a couple animals die if it means my grandpa gets to keep on living.

If we put humans against animals, humans are going to create a dramatic difference in a person’s life compared to animals.

Why We Need It

Since the Thalidomide Tragedy we have needed animal testing more and more throughout the years. Animal testing is very necessary whether or not it is considered ethical. It is not worth endangering the lives of other human beings over endangering the short lives of animals. Many of the times we are not just saving human lives, but saving animal lives by ridding them of the diseases they have. There may be cosmetic testing on animals, but at the very least that is decreasing.

If it is wanted or not: we need animal testing!

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