Sailing the Seas: Why a Cruise should be your Next Vacation

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When most people think of a vacation, they think of someplace warm and sunny. Usually, places like this attract a lot of tourists who are looking for a fun and relaxing vacation site without the stress or worry of their life at home. One type of vacation, is going on a cruise ship. These cruise ships offer a vast variety of activities and can even travel to many different locations depending on what people want to do and see.

Different Types of Cruises

There are many different types of Cruise lines and many different cruising companies so finding the right one for you should not be too difficult. Some of the most common cruise line types are, The traveler, The partier, The foodie, Kid Cruises, Teen Cruises, and Close to home Cruises. All these cruises offer very different activities and travel locations to suit a wide range of different types of people. Different Companies such as Disney offer unique cruises for a certain audience (which for them would be kids) and others are geared more towards a mature audience such as party cruise lines or ones that travel longer distances to visit more places. Some of the most popular Cruising lines are Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, Princess, and Disney

Traveling Locations

While sailing on a cruise ship you can choose to travel to many locations that can be very different. Depending on the time of year you are able to sail all around the world to accommodate your needs and desires. The different locations a cruise ship can take you can vary drastically depending on what you to do. The most popular Cruise line destinations are places like, the Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Bermuda, Hawaii, and even places like Alaska where the temperature is can  be below freezing.

Each travel destination can offer many different activities to do as your cruise ship ports there. Popular activities for warm climate destinations can be visiting beaches, swimming with marine animals, snorkeling, zip lining, or you can just simply explore the area and  go site-seeing! Many of the activities you can do off-board of the ship usually require you to plan/schedule before hand. You can usually do this onboard the Cruise ship before you port in that location. Each activity usually requires some sort of payment that does not come included with your cruise ticket.

On Board Activities

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Each Cruise line Offers many things to do while you are on the ship. Although each ship offers different activities, more expensive cruise ships usually allows for more things to do and bigger activities such as, rock climbing, ice skating, swimming, water slides, gaming arcades, and even multiple restaurants. Often times there are many things you can do on your cruise ship that are free and scheduled. For example there can be an activity planned every hour such as bingo, contests, and shows in the theater. Even if none of these activities is suited to what you want to do you can just relax by the pool (and sit in the sun), in your room, or even  in the main lobby where you can view a variety of shows and performances as you are waited on by onboard employees.

On the top floor of the boat there is an open deck, with a pool an hot-tubs. beside the pool is a bar where you can get drinks and pop all day long. There’s also a T.V screen where they have movies and sports on. This floor is often times one of the busiest with many people laying in chairs and relaxing by the pool.

Another option that you can do is go shopping in the ships own little store that has a variety of things for you to buy as souvenirs or if you’ve forgotten something such as a swimsuit you are able to buy it in the store onboard.

Food Options

While onboard you will have many options for your dining choices. Each ship will offer complementary meals (and buffets!) that anyone can go to anytime while on the ship. So, if you are hungry at midnight, you will still be able to have your snack! Aside from free meals the ship offers a few different restaurants that you will have to pay at (although the one I went on did have a fancy restaurant where it was still free) like sushi bars or normal type restaurants.

A few of my favorites were the buffet (where I got fries , pizza, and burgers all day), the appetizers at the captains dinner  (I got the Escargot and Shrimp cocktail), and they even have ice cream machines out by the pool for you to make your own cones.

Final Thoughts

A cruise can be a really fun Vacation even though it may be a bit more expensive. You are able to go to many different places that suit what you want to do and you can find the right type of cruise that you want to go on. You are in control of what you want to do and how you want to spend your time while on your vacation. The boat is like your own mini town where you can decide where you want to go, eat, and do for fun!


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