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You are being monitored.

Many people probably don’t worry about their privacy being invaded, but with technology being more advanced it makes invading people’s business much easier. If you walk around in public, what are you likely to see everywhere? Cameras.

There are cameras everywhere that watch and record what you do throughout the day. There are cameras on your phones even, and people such as hackers can get easy access to your photos. Other people can see you too.

In fact, Angelo J. Pompano from Yale-New Haven Institute says that “Video surveillance cameras can be so small that they can be hidden almost anywhere in the workplace and even worn on clothing”.

There have been cases of people such as Lizard Squad hacking into systems such as Xbox live and have been able to watch and see people in their houses.

What else do you see many people with?

Phones too, can be invaded easily. At schools they can be taken and be searched through. Without any questions asked, students, if told to do so, must give up their phone to the teacher and/or administration.

Most of the time it would be taken only if the student violates the cell phone use policy but there are times where that is not the case. I personally have seen a few instances where students weren’t even on their phones and they got in trouble for it anyway. And when peoples’ phones are taken, anything on their phones can be found if needed.

Whenever someone has something on a device such as a phone or computer, even if they delete it, it can always be retrieved. So whatever a person does on their technology can be traced back to that person.

Many people with phones also have social media apps. People may think that because they say things on the internet, they are more anonymous and won’t get in trouble.

That is not the case.

What goes on the internet stays on the internet and can be found at any time. Although someone meant for something to be private does not mean it is.

Sometimes people make bad decisions about what they are putting on the internet, maybe because they are young and don’t think it will affect their lives, or maybe for other reasons. Maybe the person assumes that what they are putting on the site is private, or it could also be that maybe they just don’t care.

Phones also have location services and GPS systems which means that phones can be tracked. In fact, phones can have certain apps to find their friends’ phones or their own phones.

An example of this would be the app “Find My iPhone” where people can track iPhones.

This raises the question that if it is this easy for people to find and track their own phones and devices, how easy is it for skilled people to do the same?

If everyday people can do these things with ease, hackers and people who are skilled at those things can easily find other people and see what they are doing.

People could be able to stalk others and always know where they are going and what they are doing on their phones, computers, or other electronic devices that they may have.

Technology is advancing, and advancing fast. Yes, this technology can make people safer, but it can also lead to dangers for people. If someone was to get their privacy invaded by someone such as a stalker, technology would make that a somewhat easy task for them to do, if in fact the person was skilled in the area of hacking.

So when does this cross the line? Is technology changing for the better or worse?

There are both pros and cons to the modern day technology. Some pros could include that for entertainment purposes and for safety reasons, technology can be a good thing. But at the same time, it can also be bad, because people’s privacy can be invaded by people such as hackers and even stalkers, and this can lead to danger for people.

Because there are both positives and negatives, people need to decide if they are willing to put up with this technology, while knowing and understanding the risks it can bring to them.

If people accept the consequences that technology could bring to them, they can do so. If people don’t want to, they are also free to do so.

These questions and decisions are left to people and what they personally believe.



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