Popular nail designs for Spring

Post by Maddie M.

Featured image by Lelê Breveglieri

After the dark, dreary season of winter almost everyone is ready for a change. Thats where spring comes in handy. Spring is when it is time to break out your shorts and t-shirts, and to wear bright colors. Not just your clothing can be decked out for spring. Your nails can too! By adding different colors, textures and patterns to your nails you are creating an exciting accessory for your newest spring wardrobe. The fun thing about nails is that if you don’t like what you did you can just change it up. It also does not cost a lot of money.

Embellished Nails

Just like jewelry, embellished nails can make a statement. Elaborate embellishments also calls for people to take notice. Pair studs with some polish and your nails will have been amped up a notch. These match well with the very stylish black and white clothing that is out now at this time. Anyone who is crafty may have fun things around their house that they can use on their nails. For example there is rhinestones, glitter and tiny beads that can added to give you  just enough pop to your nails.

Steel-ing the Scene


Lelê Breveglieri

Lush, shiny fabrics are in this spring so, its no wonder that metallic nails are the go to accessory. These glitzy, glittering polishes bring pizzazz to any outfit. Nothing about these colors scream old fashioned but look totally futuristic. Its always nice to liven things up and using metallic polish always seems to add a rebellious flair to any ordinary or mundane outfit.

Stripe it up


Lelê Breveglieri

Clever combinations of light and dark colors and different designs and shapes are not only intriguing to look at but are a work of art. Colorblock dresses and striped maxi’s are a hit for spring and are not complete without nails to compliment them. Whether its going into work or Friday night fun these nails are sure to strike up a conversation. What’s great about this design is that you can match any colors you would like and will look great all year round.

Coral Reef


Lelê Breveglieri

With colors like Pineapples Have Peelings Too, Go with the Lava Flow and This Color’s Making Waves you are sure to get that Caribbean feeling that you have been hoping for all winter. Luscious melons and beautiful tropical fish portray the the colors of spring break. Weather you are somewhere warm for vacation or staying here in Minnesota these fun and tropical colors can warm you up and make you smile.

Blank Space

Many people have mastered the reversed french nail (Moon Mani) but now are ready to try even more new designs. Even if art is not your strong point you can master this retro look with the help of nail stickers and painters tape. Even though mine always turn out more abstract doing something different is always fun to try. It can also be a great conversation starter.

Easter Parade


Lelê Breveglieri

With spring finally here, there is many different colors to choose from. Not sure what to pick? Go with the default of whatever holiday is up next. It just so happens that Easter is coming up and pastel colors are the “in” thing. These cooling colors pair well with your spring dress that is hanging in your closet as well as any floral print outfit. One of my favorites is powder blue which i was wearing not to long ago.

Hot and Spicy


Lelê Breveglieri

This desert palettes of hot chile pepper, cinnamon and favorite spices from your pantry can spice up your wardrobe and turn up the heat. From the deepest hue of red to the goldest yellow these colors can help liven up any outfit. These colors also give you an excuse to use mustard yellow and also look good!

Why does your clothing get to have all the fun? Your nails are just as important too! With so many different colors and styles you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. Spices, Blumes, stripes, bling and stickers…sooo many choices for you this spring!


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