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Everday Addictions

The definition of an Addiction strong and harmful need to regularly have something (such as a drug) or do something (such as gamble). Addiction is a wide-spread word. When people hear it they automatically think of things such as marijuana, alcohol, cocaine and/or other drugs. Although electronics have many pros, the world around us have made them into another one of our addictions.

Bad Effects

Just a few bad effects electronics have on us is increase in obesity, aggression and sleep problems. These may seem minor or unimportant to you if these things do not relate into your lives but there are so many little things that you just have not noticed since you grew up with cell phones, computers, TV’s, etc.. Some little things are pollution, lack of social, privacy and sexual boundaries, constant distraction, shortened attention span and many more.

Two-screening seems to be a daily occurrence in our lives. Instagram, facebook, tumblr, pinterest and twitter are just some examples of what takes up hours on end of people’s days. Even when hanging out with friends or going to parties the odds of checking your phone or playing on it is extremely high.

Good Effects

Though electronics have some bad effects there are also some good ones. For instance, electronics are great for educational purposes, research, globalization, and advertising those are just some good effects electronics can have on us. With all these new electronic purposes how do we know which ones are good for us and which ones will just end up bad for us? Are all the good effects worth all the bad effects? What can we change so that so that the good effects are worth all the bad effects? These are all valid questions that only time can answer, but we need to be here to wonder about them and to watch out for the good and bad effects.

Bullying Options

The effects we create in our lives due to electronics can be changed or downsized if we choose, but the increase on bullying is not our options (unless you’re the bully). Bullying is a word I would assume most people know. With all these options of social media it is also opportunities for bullying. The more social media we get the more bullying becomes prominent.

When you have post something it will never truly go away it will always be somewhere in the internet. The effects bullying leaves on people can be everlasting.

Depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues and no sense of safety can all take place if you are being bullied and when it takes place while you are at home it may hit you hard. Not feeling safe at home, school or other places can lead to suicide for some people, because even if they move away from there bully they can not move away from the internet.

Though bullying is a serious thing there is a lot of people that do think before they post in case of hurting someone else is feelings, but not a lot of people think about how this will affect their future.

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The Future Effect

From adults these days we hear a lot ‘Think before you post’ and they say that for many reasons. Like for how what you post will effect your future or what you post will effect someone, or even how it will affect yourself. The consequences of what you put on the internet can come back to you at any part in your lives whether it is 10 years from now when your looking at a serious job or 10 days from now when you posted something inappropriate and an adult finds out.

When you grow up and decide to start your life the little things that you posted can affect whether you get a job or not. If you employer find things that do not show you in a good light on the internet then all your work would be worth nothing. Some college administrators will go back and look at your internet foot print to see more about you as a person if what they find is not socially acceptable it can make them change there decision on accepting you into there college.

This link shows more and goes into a deeper depth about the affect electronics will have on your future.

Electronics are big parts of our days and that is not going to change any time soon. How often we use them and in what way we use them can change. Being careful on the internet and trying to connect with other people face to face is one of the many ways to change for the better.






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