Old Video Games and What They Have Done For Today’s Games

Post by Joel A.
Feature Image by Robert MacEwan

It is crazy how many of the adults these days grew up without video games like today. However, there were some games, starting in the 1970s, that they might have had, and these games revolutionized today’s society of virtual time wasters (in a good way). These games were pretty simple, but they were the basis for games these days. While some games have been forgotten, some games are known today and even popular today! This is a list of games that I have played and wanted to share and, yes, there are many more games that I could have put on this list, but then it would be a long and boring read.

image04Image by Windell Oskay

Pong (1972)

Pong: The game involving two lines and a ball. It’s like tennis. How can the game get any simpler? It can’t: it only gets harder. IF you attempt the hardest difficulty you might be regretting it after a few volleys. I have this game for my Game Boy Color and it is a blast! It is hard to wrap your head around how this game can be any fun, but you have to play it to believe it. And you can! I have an android (woo!) and I have the pong app. It is simply amazing! The app has five difficulties (The hardest isn’t called Insane for giggles) and it can have two player! Now you can face your friend in one of the most intense games ever. Or if you’re in Germany, you can play Pong while waiting to cross the crosswalk!

image00Image by Robert Jorgenson

Solitaire (1990) (built in windows version)

As many a people have put it, “It’s the game that you can play while you’re bored at the office.” There is not much to explain. You put down your cards, play the game and hope you get the card you are looking for (that’s how I play). It is horrible if you can’t get any further, but if you win, you might feel the most accomplished you ever will as the cards tumble out of their stacks. It’s also an easy way to organize a deck of cards! There are SO many apps for solitaire. Just search Solitaire on the app store, and you will get over 5,000 results. “A simple card game it is, but boring it is not.” -Yoda.

image07Image by Ross Catrow

Guitar Hero (2005)

It was a very different game for it’s time. There have been so many people that have wanted to rock out, but they haven’t had the skills or patience to learn guitar, so the geniuses at Activision created the virtual rockstar experience. Now anyone could be able to impress their friends by playing “I Love Rock & Roll” with a plastic controller. Nowadays there are many different Guitar Hero games, along with other band games like Rock Band and Band Hero. There are also some people who are a bit too good.

image01Image by Jason carlin

Half Life 1 (1998) & 2 (2004)

How could there be a First Person Shooter out in the 1990s?  The precursor, Goldeneye (1997) started the FPS craze since there was four player online multiplayer.While that was a very successful game, Valve did not let it take the cake (Portal puns!). The Half Life games have very good story-driven plots, along with a never ending level. Seriously, there are no separate levels! You just load the new section of land that the next plot takes place in and you start right where you left off before you loaded. Half Life 2 introduced new (well, 2004 new) graphics and physics that blew people’s minds then. You could actually use some of the environment around you and shoot it at your enemies with the Gravity Gun!


Finally, a game where you can conserve ammo! Since the last Half Life game came out (Half Life 2 Episode 2 in 2007) people (including me) have DEMANDED that Valve release a Half life 3, since the plots and gameplay were SOOOO GOOD! I have put MANY hours into these games. Yes, I beat all of the Half Life games, and I was impressed by all of them, especially the stories of the games and the viewpoint of the person you play as. One of the Half Life 1 games had you play as the enemy of the original Half Life 1 game, which is a cool turn on perspectives.

image02Image by Pierre F.

GTA III (2001)

The game where you can blow through red lights, break down the street lights, and hit a few pedestrians and the police give you only a ticket.

This was one of the first open world games that lets you roam around the city and gives you free reign on what you want to do. You can do the main missions (I haven’t beaten the campaign), you can do side missions, you can cruise around the city, run down pedestrians, and pick up women and drive off to an isolated part of the city. Yeah. Nowadays it’s hard to browse Youtube without getting suggestions for Grand Theft Auto V videos. Rockster, the developer, is raking in billions for their games, and with GTA V coming out for PC I wonder how much cash they will make.

image05Image by Javi Vte Rejas

Counter Strike (2000)

Counter Strike is the classic First Person Shooter Person versus Person (PvP) to play online globally.

And I’m not talking Counter Strike Global Offensive, even though that is one of the BEST games out on the market. I’m talking the first Counter Strike, named Counter Strike. It introduced one of the first really fluid PvP multiplayer games at the time. Still today, people play the heck out of the game, pardon my french. It is one of the go-to games when a group of people wants to do a face-off with another group of people, since it is so straightforward.

image03Image by K putt

Call of Duty 1 (2003) & 4 Modern Warfare (2007)

Call of Duty: The game that comes out every year! (With minimal changes). We all know about the modern CoDs, like Advanced Warfare and Ghosts (I own every CoD except for these), but does everyone know about the original CoD? It’s called Call of Duty.

Yup. What is cool about it had the most fluid gameplay for a First Person Shooters (FPS in short) of its time (2003). It was a well developed game, too, where you can turn fluidly and the enemy’s movements were also fluid so you could actually shoot them without them auto-aiming at your head and insta-killing you (I’m looking at you, Half Life 1). It also had multiplayer!

But it truly was the starter of the CoD games that were to follow. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was also an important game.


That game had a brand new engine upgrade to it, so it had better mechanics to the game. It also incorporated a new multiplayer system where people can get into an online match very easily. It is also the same game engine that the following CoD titles used.


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