Not Just Noise

“Music to me is the air that I breathe, the blood that pumps through my veins that keeps me alive, without it I don’t know what I would do” – Billie Joe Armstrong


Rock n’ Roll was created in the 1950s by Elvis Presley aka “The King of Rock n’ Roll” and it has been popular ever since. The 6os and 70s brought us revolutionary artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. With the 80’s came AC/DC, Kiss, Guns N’ Roses and many others. And the 90’s gave us the two most amazing bands ever, Nirvana and Green Day. But to listeners its more than just epic guitar solos and kickass lyrics, rock music seems to have a social effect on people.

Social Effects

Rock music can give you a sense of identity. Like for example your fashion, many people wanna dress like their favorite artist and get tattoos and piercings or dye their hair. It can also change the way that you think and your outlook on things in a positive or negative way it’s basically another way of thinking. Rock music can change your attitude on things. For me I kinda just stopped caring about school and that would be why this blog is like 3 months late because I decided I don’t care that much anymore. Rock music can create a sense of rebellion too.


Disco Demolition Night in 1979 was one of the most significant riots in rock history. Disco Demolition Night was a promotional event by the White Sox to raise attendance. They had been averaging 5,000 people per game and were expecting 20,000 but got 50,000. Since Disco was hated by rock music fans the idea was to play on the hatred of Disco music. So they said bring a Disco album and you can get in for 98 cents and inbetween the two games of that day they were going to destroy the records. Upon destroying the records riots broke out, the stadium was damadged and the White Sox had to forfeit their second game. 39 people were arrested for disorderly conduct. In 1980 in Totonto, Canada there was supposed to be an Alice Cooper concert but because of his alcoholism issues he cancelled it. Fans because so angry they started to throw chairs and tear up the stadium in the process 12 people had to be hospitalized and when all was said and done 31 people were arrested for disorderly conduct. At a Woodstock concert in 1999 there many things that contributed to the riot like high priced food, $4 water bottles and a temperatures as high as 100 degrees. This led to a crowd that was angry before the event was even fully up and running. Rioting began during Limp Bizkits’s concert and escalated when the Red Hot Chili Peppers began to take the stage. Four rapes were reported, six people were injured, seven people were arrested. During the chaos though, many of the rioters went unidentified. At a Metallica concert in Bogota in 2010, the show was sold out so hundreds of fans without tickets tried to break into the concert. The restless fans were throwing rocks and in the process broke windows. Police officers arrested 160 unruly fans and eight people including four officers were injured. This shows that music brings about a lot of emotion

Rock Shouldn’t be viewed Negatively 

Rock has been viewed negatively since the 1950s mainly because of its suggestive lyrics mentioning things such as sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and rebellion. As well as all the riots that have taken place because of the lasting impact it has on listeners. There is also the stereotype that goes along with this genre of music that isn’t necessarily a positive image. But rock music has so much more to offer it suggests a new way of thinking. It’s a creative outlet for all the frustrations that go along with  life. Rock music is a sense of freedom and identity that cannot be put into words.


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