Mocking-jay’s symbolize what now?

Photo from The Hunger Games
Photo from The Hunger Games

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If you haven’t seen the movie “The Hunger Games” by Suzane Collins, prepare to have your mind blown. In the first film/book, the Capitol randomly select a boy and a girl from each of the thirteen participating districts of Panem to fight-in a controlled arena-until death. How sweet! After 74 years of torture, the districts decide to fight back. Orchestrated by the thirteenth district, they rose up and opposed the Capitol’s rules. Think of the Capitol as somewhat of a government. The main character “Katniss Everdeen” (Jennifer Lawrence) then felt the need to show the Capitol how she felt when she & her partner “Peeta Mellark” (Josh Hutcherson) were chosen but nearly commit a double suicide in the arena just to show the Capitol how absurd this fun little “game” truly was. How’s that for rebellion?

From then on, Everdeen was portrayed as the ultimate symbol of “rebellion”. It is this type of exciting, though disobedient and misbehaven actions that are commonly seen today. Of course, just not as extreme as shown in The Hunger Games.  Yelling, partying, arguing with parents, drinking, speeding, smoking, and shoplifting are all popular examples of said rebellion.

On the other hand, I feel as if a bit of rebelliousness here and there does little harm. Is it so wrong for someone, let alone teens to desire freedom? Being independent? It is one thing if this rebellion involves violence or.. I don’t know the cops but not all rebellion is violent and/or illegal. I’m no doctor but a little dose of rebellion is pretty good for you every now and then.



As children our parents attempt to make out how the real world is for us.  What we do not realize is that they completely sugar coat it. Immensely… As we get older, we can infer that the big bad world is not all peachy and sweet- such as the image we created in our minds might have seemed like. Sorry mom but with age comes curiosity. We want to go and see this world for ourselves, maybe to prove our parents wrong or to discover ourselves. But let’s be honest, at some point we all are guilty of wondering “what else could be out there for me?” or “were my parents really wrong?”; which is what carries out some of these silly actions to make our parents think that there is something incredibly wrong with us. With the stress of school, worrying about how we look, facing loss, friendship issues, escaping reality sounds pretty good. That sad, rebellion is much more scary for our parents than us (teens).



If and when your teen rebels, do not shut them out or do nothing to help, this will only make them feel obligated to misbehave some more. When a parent does not seem to pay attention to these outrageous actions, the teen may feel rejected and to go and seek attention elsewhere. It helps us teens when our mother or father are interested in what we have to say about our actions, feelings, and thoughts. *cough cough*.  It is also a good idea to talk through ideas and values the teen may have for their future. It is understood that all our parents really want to do is look out for us and make sure we don’t end up with handcuffs on by the end of the night, but we also do not need leashes. Although some rebellion is healthy for an average teen today, it is good for the parents to make the boundaries remain clear.



What parents are oblivious to is that the more rules, guidelines, and curfew’s you torture your kids with, the more they just want to rebel and be their own person. They were teenagers once, can’t they understand? I’m not saying there should be absolutely no boundaries but restricting a teens exploration for one’s self has negative impact on their confidence to become strong adults by themselves. For this to happen, teenagers should be able to make their own commitments and have a say in important decision making.



I’ve discovered yet some more films with the meaning of rebellion behind them! Check out these fun trailers filled with curiosity, adventure, laughter, and of course rebellion, all before dinosaurs were extinct, or shoes were even a thought. Watch and see!

I’m half sure most of you have seen the incredible movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! If you’re in to comedy/ adventure/scamming your parents, this is just the film for you.




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