Matching hairstyles with different outfits & seasons

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There are many different hairstyles that match different outfits for each season. People tend to wear flowy or neutral hairstyles with seasons such as autumn, spring, and summer.

Wearing outfits in the autumn usually tend to lean towards dresses, jackets, sweaters, and scarves. Autumn is the transition between summer and going into winter so when picking out outfits for the day, making sure the right hairstyle goes with it is important. When wearing dresses the key to matching the right hairstyles is taking a look at the outfit and make a few choices and see which one looks right, such as curly, wavy, or straightened hairstyles. A big thing to also look for is, not making your outfit too busy. If the outfit that is chosen has a lot of jewelry, the hairstyle should lean towards something simple and sophisticated. While wearing sweaters is different, sweaters are more of a laid-back look so picking out the same hairstyle will be easy. Simple hairstyles include messy buns, ponytails, or a natural look.

Outfits in the spring include skirts, cardigans, regular long-sleeve shirts, or rainwear. Spring is the season that comes after winter but before summer, usually in the springtime it is rainy so many people like to wear water resistant clothing. Matching a hairstyle with water resistant clothing can sometimes be difficult because it is all about what the weather will be like as well. In the spring, people tend to lean more towards headbands with flowers, beach wave curls, or just a simple braid. Spring can be a difficult season to find and match outfits since the weather is quite gloomy and mostly rainy. Outfits that include skirts and/or cardigans tend to be more normal or neutral looking, so when wearing those pieces of clothing you need to have a hairstyle that can be simple but spiffy at the same time.

Hairstyles to choose in the summer are poofy ponytails, beach waves, and side braids. To match those hairstyle some outfit choices can include dresses, shorts, short-sleeve shirts, and sandals. Summer dresses are elegant and flowy, so choosing a hairstyle for that kind of outfit is something sheek but easy, such as a side braid. Other clothing styles that are worn in the summer usually are things that are light since the weather is warmer, which also means more people, mainly girls put their hair up to cool themselves down. Some updo hairstyles are buns, regular ponytails, braids, and a side-pony. The key to fitting a hairstyle to an outfit is the outfit matching a theme. The hairstyle has to fit the outfit but the outfit also has to match the hairstyle, when picking out an outfit you need to keep in mind about patterns and textures on the shirt or the pants you are wearing. Making sure not to mismatch any patterns or textures is important as well. The seasons autumn, spring, and summer all have things in common. Such as common hairstyles, and common outfit choices. There are many different hairstyles that match the outfits in that particular season.

To find a more “sophisticated” look, wearing one pattern on the  bottom, and wearing a solid color on the top . Finding a hairstyle for your outfit is just as important as matching your clothing choice with different textures and unique patterns. Wearing a laid-back look, you would lean towards a laid-back hairstyle while wearing no patterns, just solid colors, when wearing a more mature look, different textures and patterns are necessary for the perfect outfit. With the outfit of your choice, there are some accessories that can be chosen to go along with it. Some examples are scarves, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. The accessories should fit the outfit just as well as the hairstyle. Scarves and bracelets that are patterned or textured go well with almost any outfit since they don’t stick out as much as other parts of the clothing. Necklaces do not have much of a pattern, so wearing a necklace can also go with almost everything you wear. When wearing your hair in any updo, pick out a pair of earrings that are more simple and don’t hang as low on your ears.

The seasons autumn, spring, and summer all have things in common. Such as common hairstyles, and common outfit choices. There are many different hairstyles that match the outfits in that particular season. Thinking about all those factors when finding clothes, and you’ll have the perfect outfit for all three seasons with the cutest hairstyles.

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