Make the Right Choice: Choose Trump

      If you look at the presidential nominees you can see two of the most uncongenial, despised people to ever run for office.  You can see two people that are unfit, unfair and unqualified to be president.  You can see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Looking at these two people, the most important question to consider is ¨how do I choose between these monstrous hellions¨?   A major problem that America is facing is ¨not enough people actually want to vote for either of the nominees”.  Now, the election will go on even if  people do not vote, but the chances of a president that is undesired by many is far more likely.  This problem could arise with either president however.  The only real way to weigh this election is to try and stop the greater of two evils.  In other words, “which nominee would be less detrimental to nation.”

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Hillary Clinton, has spent $80 million in advertising, as seen in the article by Jake Miller, for CBS News.  Donald Trump, on the other hand has spent about $24.4 million in advertising.  It is embarrassing for Hillary to have spent so much on advertising and not reap any of the votes that it should have produced.  The lead in votes that Hillary has over Trump is miniscule compared to the amount of money she has spent in hopes of beating Trump.  And recent polls show her lead over Trump has dropped to the point where they are almost tied.  Hillary has spent an incredibly large amount of money that could have gone improving our nation, not to mention that even with that large amount of money being spent that it has not done much if anything to help her win the election.  Hillary is squandering money now before she is elected president, if she were to win it would be plausible that her current actions would reflect onto her future actions. Trump is showing that he does not need advertisements to get his message across. Trump is also demonstrating he is capable of restraining himself from spending large amounts of money on wagers he cannot be sure will reap rewards.  Our country needs a leader that knows how to handle money and won’t bet it unnecessarily.

Continuing to compare current actions of the nominees to what is to come if either nominee is elected, Trump is more forthcoming with information.  For example, Hillary has not released the entirety of her personal emails, even though it is legally required of her.  Trump, has not released his tax returns, however unlike Hillary and her emails, he is not required to release them.

It would make Trump seem more honest if he were to release his tax returns, but it is not necessary that he does.  Trump also announced, during the first debate, that he would release his tax returns after Hillary released all of her emails.  Hillary should not even be considered for presidency, as she has discarded government emails, which is illegal.  If Hillary were to be president who is to say that she will not continue putting people at risk, because she views them as expendable.

If a women were to be elected as president it would be wonderful and a step in the right direction for women’s equality but if we have Hillary as our president we will not be showing people that women are capable and strong.  If Hillary is elected it will only show how incapable Hillary is and reflect badly on all women.  Having Hillary elected could be detrimental to many women in positions of power.  Trump is not the ideal president, but he will not reflect badly on women.  Trump would still make a better president than Hillary.  Trump would help to rebuild a sustainable economy.  Hillary would spend money to help her personal interests such as the Clinton Foundation.

Trump will break down the barricades of trade and will help our country flourish by becoming relevant in the world of trade and business.  With Trump’s help our country will once again be on top and be looked at with admiration.

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Trump also has a much more capable running mate. Pence has undoubtedly won the vice president debate against Kaine.

The vice presidential candidates actions are reflective of the presidential candidates actions, and vice versa.  Hillary does not care about the American people, she only wants power.  Our country needs someone who will lead us to success, not to the lasting legacy of one president.   Trump will use his knowledge of businesses to drive America to success.  Hillary will use her power of manipulation and lies to benefit her own personal interests.

Supporting a presidential candidate is important, especially in an election this fiery.  Both candidates stand out in their own way.  Both candidates have obvious flaws that will keep voters from choosing them.  Both candidates, as well, have aspects that could help our nation.  Trump just happens to have more aspects needed to help our country flourish.  Hillary’s main edge over Trump is that she can, having had many years of political practice perfecting a politician’s sneaky and conniving ways, speak to the people and say what they want to hear.  Trump has not had the need for this sort of bold faced trickery, and so is a more honest, if not blunt speaker.  Trump’s blunt open way of putting things could be a refreshing way showing the American people that we need to take action.  America is falling in power.  It is up to the voters to make sure we have a leader that will get our nation back on track.  Make the choice to choose, make the right choice, and choose Trump.



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19 thoughts on “Make the Right Choice: Choose Trump

  1. Hello fellow peers in pursuit of a high school-level education,
    Just a friendly reminder that, as 15/16 year-olds, your opinions don’t matter until you’re 18 and registered to vote. That’s how this democracy works. Sorry.
    Best wishes,

    1. Oh Dylan, I can’t help but picture you two years ago as a sophomore writing on politics with the same passion. Miss having you in class!

  2. * Trigger warning, bad grammar, not in proper paragraph form, blah blah blah just random thoughts.. be gentle on me.. lets all remember that this is still a comment on the internet*

    OKAY GUYS all im gonna say is that the mindset Mr. Trump has is the same mindset that has lead to most of the injustices in America.. the way he views and talks about women.. that, my dudes, is the same mindset that lead to the whole republican motherhood concept.. the belief that women are incapable.. this has set feminism back.. this is why it has taken this long for the feminist movement to come this far.. he talks about women like they are objects and that he really just has no respect.. he is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY XENOPHOBIC… it makes me sick.. this is why other countries dont like America.. this is the same kind of stuff that lead to the stereotype of Americans being stupid..His whole spiel on making America great again is stupid.. LIKE COME ON.. has America ever been in a better condition? open your eyes people and look around!! look at how far we have come!! Womens rights are way more advanced.. America has become a more safe* place for refugees.. We have more laws protecting lgbt people and people of different backgrounds.. The only think Trump is going to do is try and set us back.. just erase all of this progress.. He even said he would “strongly consider” overturning same sex marriage.. does that sound very progressive to you? BECAUSE IT SEEMS LIKE THE OPPOSITE OF PROGRESSIVE TO ME. America has never been great.. but with Trump as president.. we are going to be heading in the complete opposite direction of great.

    1. “that, my dudes, ” Nice.

      I fully respect your opinion and all but do you think you could add some examples as to why Hillary would be better than Trump?

      In my personal comparison I see Trump as a man who is not a politician which is what America needs, the reason I say this is because many times politicians take money from outside sources to do as they ask, almost like a bribe. Trump on the other hand is already, well , rich, so why would he need more? Trump is also not a racist, many believing this due to the building the wall idea. But in reality people, THERE ARE ALREADY WALLS UP. AND
      IT IS ALREADY ILLEGAL TO ENTER THE U.S. WITHOUT PROPER AUTHENTICATION, he only wants to make it more secure which will help stable our economy due to tax payers paying for welfare for those that are not taxpayers themselves.

  3. “If Hillary is elected it will only show how incapable Hillary is and reflect badly on all women. Having Hillary elected could be detrimental to many women in positions of power. Trump is not the ideal president, but he will not reflect badly on women”

    Excuse me, but Hillary Clinton does not represent all women. Do you believe Donald Trump represents all men? Do you think all of Trump’s actions are reflecting badly on men? Would you say that EVERY man is like Donald Trump?

    As a woman I can say that I am NOTHING like Hillary Clinton, and people know that. You have to give society more credit. People are not going to blame every single woman if Hillary Clinton messes up. Sure, we live in a society that is often unfair to women.. but America is smart enough to not blame all womankind.

  4. How do we deal with Trump’s obvious xenophobia as president? We need a president at this time to unite the country not divide it. We can not deal with a president who makes racist and sexist remarks everyday. The claims by many women that he committed sexual assault are big deal. Even if one of the accounts is true it means he is unfit for office among many of the other things that make it so. You have to ask yourself on Tuesday, do we truly trust Trump with the nuclear codes?

    1. I do agree with Emily’s comment referring to Hillary Clinton being a representation of all women and that she isn’t the only type of woman that exists, however I do see what your intention is and have contemplated the thought myself.

      On another note, how do you explain Donald Trump’s success throughout the years if he is a supposed “xenophobic.” Business is all about being able to understand the world and pertain to all kinds of people. I do however agree that we need a president who will reunite the relationships we have with other countries because Obama really messed it up. But when you think of it, if Hillary becomes president, we’ll have another four years of Obama since he is supporting her. Am I the only one who finds is suspicious and ironic that these women are just now making these claims? RIGHT BEFORE ELECTION DAY! If you don’t see the scam here, you’re oblivious, ignorant and in denial with the fact that you have no logic.

      1. Uh women didn’t just start making these claims right before election day. He’s someone who’s made jokes about having sex with his own daughter, someone who said he can do whatever he wants like “grab pussy” because he’s famous . I don’t find myself ignorant, illogical, oblivious or in denial for believing Trump is capable of rape but I guess I’m just like uber crazyyy because he’s clearly not a creep at all!! Of course people are disgusting and lie about these things but going about it so harshly is incredibly inconsiderate for people who really could have been through sexual assault with him. Don’t go right to shaming the possible victims, especially from a man who has clearly showed he doesn’t respect women. And Trump doesn’t understand the world….he refuses to believe climate change is real. Global warming is a hoax by the Chinese to him. But I guess I’m just totally illogical.

        1. So what do you think about Bill Clinton and his multiple accusations of girls aged 12-17 saying they were raped? Or the fact that after a polygraph test Bill Clinton failed (which means the test proved he was lying about not raping them), Hilary said on stage that “This is the first time the law system has failed us” as she then made multiple remarks and cruel jokes about the young woman. OR the long list that dates even more than just Monica Lewinski that Bill cheated on Hillary with? And the craziest part SHE KNEW ABOUT ALL OF THEM.

          AND he was just caught with another women on his private jet. So again, before commenting please look at both sides of the argument. Its either a man who has been caught cheating and accused of rape or a man who has a locker room mouth.

          1. First off i’m just going to say it worries me his trash mouth doesn’t seem to offend you? It shouldn’t be okay to any non-racist, non-sexist American that Trump says disgusting things. What does it matter what I think about Bill Clinton? “It’s either a man who has been caught cheating and accused of rape or a man who has a locker room mouth.” Last time I checked the election was between Trump and Hillary. Not Bill, not Obama. Stop acting like she’s only the product of the men around her. I have no clue why she stayed with Bill but that’s her prerogative. And Trump cheated on his first wife too (they’re both nasty). And as I stated before, Hillary has made mistakes and is flawed (I was for Bernie for a reason so I know the bad in her too). What infuriates me is a lot of Trump supporters incapability to admit his wrong doings. So before commenting please accept that trump is not a God and try to remember who he was running against 🙂 I’ll remind you it was HILLARY Clinton NOT BILL Clinton.

    2. Yes, it is true that Trump may have a big mouth, but when it comes down to it, he is what this country needs. Half of the statements Trump has so called said are not true. It is better to have someone with an open opinion rather than someone who hides 30,000 emails. If Hillary can hide all those emails, imagine all the secrets she has up her sleeve, all waiting to come out. Having a criminal as our president is dangerous and can and will end in total disaster. Why is it the we continually ponder on a so called statement, supposedly stated by Trump but we ignore the fact that hillary gave out classified information on different servers and we think it is ok?? The clinton foundation is corrupt and everything she stands for is communistic. This election is not just about us anymore, it is about the future of our youth and we in order to turn this country around to its former glory, we need Trump. Trump is not criminal and he loves this country, but America is going downhill and if Hillary is elected into office we are done for.

      1. An open opinion of inequality? Trump does not love America, if he loved America he would love all its citizens and that just is not the case.

        1. But why do you think that he doesn’t love all of his citizens? The idea of racism and trump is not accurate whatsoever, we must remember that most of theses inaccuracies about the Clintons AND Trump are fueled by the media who is not credible WHATSOEVER. Trump wanting a wall is not racist at all, in fact it is already illegal for anyone to enter the U.S. without proper authentication, and on top of it all THERE ARE ALREADY WALLS UP? I’m not trying to attack anyone just trying to get a point across.

      2. So by having an ¨open opinion¨ do you mean disliking and offending every race and gender other than his own? America supposedly prides itself as having an open mind to an individual´s sexuality, race, and religion. But, basically everything that is heard from that man´s mouth is offensive. Just his lack of knowledge on the Constitution is disgusting. By using his social media as a shield for his lies he attacks other just to get attention off of him. And, in my personal opinion, anyone with a spray tan that fake seems like a joke.

        1. Okay, but Trump is not doing any of those things. Wouldn’t you say its offensive to hide e-mails that you WILLINGLY KNOW will cause hundreds of civilians of muslim descent to be slaughtered? I say if you have to keep something secret then it is probably something you shouldn’t be doing at all? We must be more open-minded

      3. Imma just lay this here real quick
        Why do people admire his loud mouth? People excuse it because he’s a businessman!! But many people in business have been successful without being insulting. Maybe I could take him more seriously if he could get his point across without being immature or if he didn’t start this election as a joke. He’s 70 years old, it shouldn’t be accepted. And turn this country around to its former glory???? Hmm i’m confused when this country has been glorious. Of course the aspects of freedom and democracy make this country great buuuut this country has always been flawed (obvs cuz no country is perfect) and I don’t see how Trump will make America better.

        1. Because Trump wants to throw out the unaffordable MNsure/Obama care act that you parents may be paying or most are paying and that is unaffordable, which in return pushes us into the trillions of dollars in debt. He is going to stabilize our economy where Hillary wants to push the Obama care act even further and tie in her Clinton campaign which is going to cost us even MORE money.

          1. You do realize the economy reeeaaally isn’t that bad right now.
            I personally don’t think Trump is going to repeal Obamacare. He said it just to appeal more to Republicans (obviously as any candidate would do for their party). “President-elect Donald Trump appeared open Friday to compromising on his oft-repeated pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare — citing a conversation with none other than President Barack Obama himself.” (Washington CNN). He’ll probably just amend it.
            And since I’m already talking to you I’ll just continue. I see you think Trump is not a racist, misogynist but like…he is.
            Even Paul Ryan a member of the republican party and someone who is working with Trump agrees that Trump is a racist.
            Him saying he wants to build a wall is clearly not the only, or even main reason people find him racist. And illegal immigration rates have fallen over the years in America so it’s funny that it’s a big reason people voted for him.
            You can think Trump is going to be a great president and I really hope he does turn out doing a great job! I don’t wish bad upon this country just because the person I wasn’t rooting for won. But he truthfully has shown how much of a hateful, disrespectful man he is… and this country really needs love right now. I think it’s important Trump supporters understand how it felt like for people of color, females, immigrants, and muslims when he got elected and how it still feels. They felt like this country was against them, they felt hated, they felt unwanted because the things he’s said about those groups of people (me being a black woman, I feel the same way). People voting for him was like saying they support all his hate. And some clearly do by the hate crimes and terrible remarks happening right now against these groups of people. Supporting Trump is of course your choice, but I wanted you to see he has a clear lack of respect for women and POC.

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