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For those teenagers who have recently gotten their licenses, the people who are late to planning their holiday or just looking for ideas–even to those who hope to save a dollar, these are quick, easy, and inexpensive getaways that even Good Morning America has overlooked.

CaBO, not CabNO

Part of the appeal of Cabo, Mexico is the warm sandy beaches. To those not looking to take out a loan to experience warm water, the same effect can be achieved by drawing up a bath. This even has the advantage of not having to go through the process of getting sand unstuck from your feet. You can get the same friendly atmosphere the locals bring to Cabo by letting your household pet I follow you around the house. And the authentic Mexican cuisine that never fails to impress Cabo tourists? This is the adventure new drivers can look forward to. Taco Bell has fantastic Mexican cuisine in a variety of choices that don’t require you to spend over your weekly allowance! You can even bring your friends. If you still feel like your Cabo experience is lacking, pop in Tom Hanks’ movie Castaway, and the urge will probably subside.


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Winter in Whistler

Whistler in British Columbia, Canada is renowned for its snow capped mountains, perfect for skiing and snowboarding days away. If you live here in Minnesota, then you barely have to take a step outside to find snow, much less the freezing temperature that accompanies it! Don’t buy into the large tourism schemes resorts will try to trick you into, especially when you can take a day trip to more local hills. Season passes are always a viable option, so you can keep coming back. Don’t enjoy skiing or snowboarding? You can spend your days running up and down hills with a sled at your local park! In all of these options you have the comfort of returning to your own bed at night.


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The Diamond in the Rough

Travel + Leisure magazine “gathered five great summer getaways for every kind of family” yet among the Ozark Mountains and Chicago the author forgot to mention the most family oriented summer getaway of all: your own backyard. The opportunities of your own backyard are endless. Set up a tent! Don’t have a tent? Don’t use a tent. Sometimes just looking at the stars–affected by light-pollution of course, really impossible to get away from in a backyard–is entertaining by itself. See if you can spot nocturnal animals roaming in the dark, or try to discover how much noise you have to make to get your neighbor’s dog to start barking. Just be careful to stow away food you bring outside–maybe suspend it from a tree, away from the bears.

Helpful Tools

To those actually taking a trip somewhere, be aware of the options you have close to home, and also search for tools that can make your trip more affordable.

There are gas calculators if you are driving and airfare discounts to students, as well as apps to help you plan your trip, find the cheapest hotels, and most affordable eating.



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