Jailhouse or White House?

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In 1993, Snoop Dogg was put on trial in connection to murder. In 2007, Britney Spears was charged with a hit and run. Justin Bieber was involved with an assault charge, drag racing, and taking numerous illegal drugs. What’s so interesting about all of these celebrities and their crimes?

Not one of these public figures had to serve the regular jail time or even pay the full fine for their crimes, despite how much money they have.

This happens more than one would think. On the poll “Do celebrities get away with more crime?”, 74% of people say that celebrities get away with more crime than “non-celebs” do. It is not uncommon to think this because many celebrities have their ways around the law. Either they buy their way out of getting in trouble, or hire people to do the same thing. Today, Snoop Dogg, Britney, and Bieber are still big names in the industry and many of their fans have no idea of the crimes they have committed. These people are still famous for being amazing singers or extremely gifted actors. They are not known for their crimes, but rather known for their talents.

If you didn’t know that Snoop Dogg rapped or that Bieber sang but yet you heard that they got away with these crimes, how would you like them?

When it comes to politics, no politician is specifically talented. All politicians have different views but one isn’t significantly better than the other. The people of the United States get to choose who is famous and who isn’t. You would think the leaders that Americans vote into a position would be both honest and innocent. That obviously is not the case for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Without question, this election is one of the most controversial. On one side, we have a supposedly sexist, racist, and reckless man. On the other side, we have an actual alleged criminal who has committed many crimes.

Which would you choose?

Anyone in their right mind would vote for whoever is qualified enough to protect and lead our country to success. No one would vote for somebody who breaks laws frequently and jeopardizes our country’s safety with ignorant mistakes and lies.

But exactly how extreme are the crimes that this democratic candidate has allegedly committed?

The Sean Hannity Show website says that these crimes are as many as 16 and include a variety of violations. These violations include: Bribery, Disclosure of Confidential Information, Fraud, Destruction of Records in Federal Investigation, Obstruction of Justice, Removing Government Records, and many more. Fraud statistics show that thousands of Americans are arrested for these crimes every year, but why hasn’t this individual?

Nobody knows for sure how this criminal has tricked the justice system, let alone taken the lead in the presidential polls. As of now, the USA Today National Polling Average has the criminal in lead with a rate of 45.6%. The runner up is at 42.4%.

This is absolutely absurd when you are educated on the many crimes this candidate has committed. Obviously, many voters aren’t aware on how corrupt this candidate really is. 

This candidate is viewed as a celebrity which is part of the reason why she’s getting off of the hook much easier than the thousands who are arrested every year for the same exact crimes that she has committed. Like most celebrities, this criminal has snuck around the fact that she has done wrong things throughout her life. Like most celebrities, her fans and followers aren’t educated on how extreme her crimes really are. Some don’t even know that she’s committed these crimes at all.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says, “It is clear and federal law. If it wasn’t Hillary Clinton, this would clearly be a federal offense.” This clearly is not only his opinion, but the opinion of many Americans as well.

Check out this video of the criminal’s opponent Donald Trump slamming her for her crimes from the 2nd presidential debate posted by World.

Just like any criminal, this candidate will do anything to cover up her actions with numerous lies. These lies soon build up and backfire to make her look even worse.

When accused of deleting thousands of classified e-mails, she tells the FBI that she had no idea how classified intelligence worked. Somebody only weeks away from being elected as president has no idea how classified e-mails work? Does that sound like a very prepared presidential nominee? Also, when asked why she deleted the emails, she claims that she didn’t think “C” on the emails meant “confidential.”

These lies are not sounding true in the least and especially make her seem too uneducated to be in charge of an entire country.

It’s clear that the American people have been so blind to the point of having a criminal almost have the American presidency. Americans need to open their eyes and understand what this candidate has done to get where she is today.

If this candidate was not the celebrity that the Americans made her to be, she would be charged for her crimes as any other criminal would be. Her lack of courage to take responsibility for her actions shows that she is more prisoner material rather than presidential material.






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2 thoughts on “Jailhouse or White House?

  1. I completely agree with your blog. I hope that you continue to help expose the people that have done wrong, but are above the law simply because they have connections and can bribe the people that would take them down.

  2. love the paragraph that states, “When accused of deleting thousands of classified e-mails, she tells the FBI that she had no idea how classified intelligence worked. Somebody only weeks away from being elected as president has no idea how classified e-mails work? Does that sound like a very prepared presidential nominee?” Really puts Clinton in the spotlight.

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