It’s Raining Ben

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1 bachelor, 28 girls.

Is dating 28 girls at one time weird? Ben Higgins doesn’t think so when he is looking for love.

The Bachelor

The bachelor is a TV show on ABC were 1 man is giving 28 women to date to find true love/ his wife. Each girl stays in the same house throughout the duration show. Each week there is a rose ceremony in order to advance on to the next week you must receive a rose. Throughout each week the girls have group dates, one-on-one dates, and cocktail parties to win over the bachelor to receive their rose to advance to the next week.

The ultimate goal is to receive the final rose and an engagement ring from the bachelor.

The problem is only one can win.

Anything for Love

Ben Higgins is the 2016 bachelor for the ABC TV show The Bachelor. He is willing to do anything for love at this point. He is 26 years old and is ready to settle down and find the one for him. After a heartbreak from Kaitlyn Bristowe (the previous bachelorette) , he is afraid of “not being loveable.” Ben has not only the looks but a great personality, is kind, genuine, and ready for love. Putting a pause on his life in 2015 to be on The Bachelorette, looking for love but it just wasn’t there with Kaitlyn. He is willing to try again and through the bachelor process in hopes to become a better man for his wife.

28 Girls

Ben get the choice of 28 different girls. All having very different personalities. But the same goal, Ben Higgins. Which can create a lot of drama. Especially when everyone doesn’t get along. While many of the girls all fall in love with Ben he may only fall in love with a few, but he can only pick one lucky girl in the end.

The First Week

Ben got introduced to the 28 different girls. A lot of surprises are in store for this season. First, there are twins Emily and Haley who look exactly alike. Next, Becca and Amber come back on the Bachelor after Chris Soules season and Bachelor in Paradise. Then, Megan a girl who shows up with a miniature horse. Finally, many other women who have many different lifestyles and jobs. After meeting all the girls Ben knows he is in for a interesting season. Ben gives his first impression rose to Olivia, who is a new anchor from Austin, TX. Ben unfortunately had to send 5 wonderful women home that night though leaving him with 23 women to pick from.

Week Two

First Group Date

Now with 23 girls left Ben starts week two which is another interesting week. First Ben takes 10 of the girls on a group date, right down memory lane. They go straight back to high school and compete to be homecoming queen with Ben as the king. First, they team up in groups of two and the first challenge includes a science experiment to make a volcano explode. Next there’s an apple-bobbing event in the cafeteria. Then, the ladies try to place Ben’s home state of Indiana on a map. Finally, a free throw challenge in gym class against the final two team. Amber and Mandi win which allows them to compete in a track race to win queen. Mandi ends up winning and she becomes homecoming queen. Next, the date goes into a cocktail party with the girls on the group date. He get time to get to know the girls better and then gives the group date rose to JoJo.

One-On-One Date

Ben also gets a one-on-one date that Chris Harrison gets to plan. Ben picks Calia to go on the date with him and to his surprise Kevin Hart and Ice Cube go on the date too!! They all go for a ride and end up at a hot tub store. Finally, Kevin and Ice Cube leave Ben and Calia to finish the night alone. Ben then takes Calia to dinner and they connect over dinner. Then Calia receives a rose to secure her spot for next week.

Second Group Date

The second group date is all about chemistry with Ben. He takes 6 girls to The Love Lab where the girls go through many tests to see if they are compatible with Ben. Olivia accumulates the highest score and Samantha receives the lowest score. Then he takes the girls to the cocktail party where he talks to each girl individually throughout the night. After many conversation he chooses to give the group date rose to Olivia which secures her a spot for next week.

The Cocktail Party

Finally the week comes to an end with the cocktail party followed by the rose ceremony. Everyone wants time with Ben tonight especially the girls who didn’t get to go on the dates this week. Lace went on first group date and got to talk to Ben twice and then at the cocktail party and she is CRAZY. She says she is not crazy but we all know she is. Ben reaches out to certain girls to show them that he cares.

Rose Ceremony Week 2

Ben unfortunately has to send 4 girls home this week. This is a tough decision for him. After giving Lauren “LB” Barr gets a rose from Ben, she decides to talk to him directly after. She chooses for herself it was better to leave the Bachelor at this time and get back to her life. Ben sends Samantha Passmore, Jackie Dion, and Mandi Kremer home. This leaves Ben with 19 wonderful women to start week three with.





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