Is your phone really slowly KILLING you?

The use of technology has risen EXTREMELY since the first time they came out in the early 1980’s. Now having these devices for over a decade and at your very own fingertips with a small touch of a screen and push of a button. This is amazing. Unless lets say some years later, you have a tumor. A type of cancerous tumor in the brain called Glioblastoma multiforme also known as gliomas. Doctors examine you and do many tests to see what has caused this outburst of health. The radiation from your ‘cell phone’, that’s what the doctor tells you…

Aggravated in anger you know you could have done something to spend less time on your cellular device or known how to prevent such a thing. Then you’re now seeing how your children and people all around you are using these devices none stop! This is a problem now surfacing with rates of many cancers going through the roof causing many to go into panic. A new ‘plaque’ some might say. And all because of something that has been use to us and so useful but then so deadly to many, cell phones.

The cancerous assumptions

Using your cellular device every day is something that is getting more and more common now days, but what if this daily used device can cause cancerous tumors all over your body. Not so ¨great¨ anymore. The controversial debate between if your handheld device can cause cancer is something that is a more growing topic.

Technology is apart of human life now and is growing more and more by the day. So can these daily used technologies kill us? Multiple articles online have gone both ways but what is the science and the truth behind this mystery?

Different types of articles online go both ways with this experiment. An article by the American Cancer Society, has a very long and descriptive article in Sweden that have been done showing brain tumors as an effect of cell phone use of 10 years. The flaw for this, critics suggest, is the increase in brain tumors, in overall population corresponding to the years this study was done, has not risen in the past 10 years and most studies by other researchers have not had the same result.

Proving that if the correspondence to the cell phone use over a span of 10 years with the effect of a brain tumor is not completely proven correct due to the rates of brain tumors in the general population has not risen, which it should have since merely over half the world has these hand-held devices.

Another study showed here in the INTERPHONE study, which was a test done on more than 5,00 people who have developed brain cancer and a group of people without. When they concluded their study they had found ¨no link between brain tumor risk and the frequency of calls, longer call time or cell phone use…¨

What is radiation?

The spectrum of radiation varies from gamma rays to radio waves. Long waves start with radio and they go smaller and smaller into the x-rays and gamma rays. Rays can start to affect our body and the things around us starting at the top of the list with radio waves and moving down to gamma rays but each getting more and more strong, affecting our health.

When your mother told you to put on sunscreen when you were younger, she was doing you a favor. The sun gives off rays called Ultraviolet rays which can be very harmful to the skin and in some cases cause different types of skin cancers. The difference between what the sun gives off and your cell phone device is the length of the wave. Radio waves, which come from your phone, are in longer wavelength than other rays.

Which short wavelengths means the larger the frequency and the greater the energy, opposite for longer wavelengths. When tumors arise they come with great frequency which is why rays with great frequency can cause the tumors. In conclusion, longer wavelengths do not have a great enough frequency to cause cancerous tumors.


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These videos from different types of internet sources show each of their side of the story, causing and non-causing. Helping explain more in depth with what radiation and wavelengths is, is this video, from a production called Sci Show, explaining how cell phones can not cause cancer and how some studies done showing cell phones can cause tumors are done unlawfully wrong.

Another video is explaining how one doctor by the name of Yakymenko did a study on how cell phone use over time can cause various types of problems such as cancer, fatigue, headaches and skin problems.

Answer to the real question: Does it or does it not?

Cell phone rays are not enough strength to cause these so called cancerous tumors. So the conclusion at this point in time is that cell phones are the cause of cancerous tumors is false. Although science is very broad and these are technically hypotheses to the question. Take precautions and  be careful with your cell phone use and use it less often and hands free as much as you can.

Like said earlier it is a theory for this question and other reasons, besides the radiation from the cell phone, have not been explored in this blog but something else from these devices could possibly cause cancer.

So do cell phones really cause cancerous tumors from their radiation at this time in science? No, they do not cause cancerous tumors. 


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