Intro – Mr. Kantor (Sample Intro)

Background: I grew up in and went to school in Andover, MN, and it was there that I first wanted to become a teacher. I have been married for 7 years and currently have three boys: ages 4, 3, and not quite 1.

Interests, media, etc.: I am interested in photography and cinematography as a hobby (if you really want to see one, this is my latest wedding video). A few of my favorite shows are Sherlock, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad, and most of my reading for fun over the last couple years has been Game of Thrones. For music, most recently I have enjoyed playlists by Chill Masters including especially remixes by Matoma.

Something I like that you should check out: This Is My Year (Matoma Remix)” It’s a song that’s cool and, to me, inspiring.

Activities at school: I supervise The Walking Dead Chess Club on Tuesdays after school from 2:10 to 3:00. It is exactly what it sounds like–we play chess and talk about The Walking Dead.

Something people don’t know about me: Although I am an English teacher and love literature and digital creativity, one thing students don’t know about me is that I design and build a variety of construction and remodel projects both at home and for others. One of the latest things is these bunk beds with an optional stair platform for toddlers.

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