How Women in the Movies get Less (Clothes, Roles, and Money)

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The movie Jurassic World was a smash hit. Seriously. It was the top movie for three weeks in June the busiest movie month of the summer, the last movie to do that was Jurassic Park which came out in 1993. Thats how hard that is to be the top grossing movie in June. Although Jurassic World was such a great movie, it had more than a few glaring faults.

Claire the female protagonist of Jurassic World was just one of the mistakes this movie made. She is supposed to be one of the most important people in the park yet it a bumbling idiot that wouldn’t have survived the movie without her male counterpart, Owen. This cliche made her character laughable and irritating. However if this was just her character in all of action movies and media everywhere, this conversation wouldn’t even exist.

Women in media get less. “Of what?” you might be tempted to ask. Well in going back to our Jurassic World example I can count on one hand how many women were featured in that movie. True thats not counting the awesome velociraptors that were stated to be female and the T-Rex and that giant whale thing that eats pretty much everything and… you get the picture, the dinos that everyone thought of as boys until it was stated “It’s a girl!” are girls.

Okay so a movie geared towards boys had more men in it than women, big deal. Its not like Claire the main female character steadily began to take off her clothes and was wearing the most flimsy white tank top and skirt with a slit up to her mid thigh by the end of the movie but managed to run away from a T-Rex in high heels after hiking through the wilderness for a day. Yeah right.

taken from screen
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It’s rude to ask someone how much they make at their job. Thats why instead of knocking on the cast of Jurassic World’s doors and demanding to know how much they were payed, I just googled it. And even digging through the depths of Business Insider that have never been seen before by human eyes, it turns out that it’s even rude to ask google how much someone makes. However I did find out that Chris Pratt (Owen) made the most out of any actor in Jurassic world even though it wouldn’t give an actual figure. This is most likely due to the fact that he gets the most screen time and is the biggest star in Jurassic World but historically, women do make less than men for the exact same jobs.

So what’s the big deal? It’s just one movie, yeah it was a pretty great movie and made more money than most of us have ever seen in our lives. And yeah the CGI was the best its ever been resulting in the coolest dinosaur fight ever. But seriously why does it matter that there were only four women that had speaking roles and one army ranger sent out to kill the super scary dino on the loose? Because it’s not just one movie.

Lets take a look at another blockbuster hit. The Avengers. On the whole another great movie that made tons of money and earned every penny of it. The fighting, cool plot, and realistic (as real as super humans can be.) characters. I’m going to pull up the stats on women with speaking roles now. Four. Yes four. Thats the same as Jurassic world and Marvel is considered to have a good grasp on gender equality.

While it is true that Black Widow had a lot of screen time and was more than able to hold her own in a fight against anyone and outsmarted the main villain more than once in the first Avengers movie. In the second movie Age of Ultron she was reduced to being a lovesick sidekick and needed to be saved by the Hulk her main love interest.

Going back to the first Avengers movie once again Black Widow is sexualized quite a bit in the film with her skin tight cat suit complete with her cleavage bearing stance in the movie poster.

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Just look at it. Every other hero there is getting ready to kick some ass while she shows off her boobs and tiny waist. And for the most kick-ass person on the whole team it’s far from fair.

This isn’t to say that Marvel is inherently bad at portraying woman, they aren’t. In fact they are so far ahead of many media companies its crazy. With a new female Thor comic book to a muslin american Ms. Marvel they are light years past most other companies. And the First Jurassic Park? It had a better portrayal of woman than Jurassic world with Ellie shutting down someone that said she couldn’t do something because she was a girl. Ellie kicked butt and saved everyone by turning the power on. So in a way Claire from Jurassic World had a lot to live up to and just fell flat from the inspiration that is Ellie. Media still has a long way to go for gender equality but it’s far from impossible. After all, Little girls need role models too.

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8 thoughts on “How Women in the Movies get Less (Clothes, Roles, and Money)

  1. I never noticed how few peaking role for women there were in these Blockbusters but I guess that could say something about how the media has conditioned us to see women.

  2. Only 4 female speaking roles? Wow.. you’d think with a movie more geared towards men, they would include more females to draw them in…

  3. I did not relize that this was going on behind the scenes. This changes my outlook on how the “Movie World” works in today’s society…

  4. I certainly agree with the part about over- sexualization in the media nowadays. It occurs in all movies and creates unrealistic standards for both men and women.

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