How Video Games Helps People

Background on Gaming

People all over the world play videos games to enjoy time to relax, relieve stress, playing with friends, and many more that would take forever to list them all. Every person play a 1 form of videos games daily from candy crush on your phone to the competitive Call of Duty on the Xbox One/PS4. Even schools have cources in Minecraft for students. (See video bellow for info on it by Lucas Gillispie) Now even though people play these games to pass time or enjoy playing with friend halfway across the world but what most people don’t know is that videos games can actually be helping you out.

Are You for Real?

Yes quiet, Many people (including myself) believe that videos games (which will be referred to as gaming for the rest of the blog) are better for you than watching T.V because as you watch T.V your brain just “shuts down” and watches the show where as with gaming your mind is always active thinking of the next place to goes, which items to keep, and who to bring with you when you fight the boss. All of these action you think of while you play keep your mind in motion never “shutting down” like when you watch T.V so which gaming genre is the best?

Action Games

Action games help you if you have problems keeping attention. If you have a problem with keeping attention studies show that playing 5-10 hours of action games a week will increase your attention. Also with action gaming studies have shown that they are a great learning tool, though you may not play you favorite like GTA or Call of Duty in school they still help even with kids with dyslexia. Its true it show that kids who play these game have a easier time reading and comprehending words. Even with eye sight gaming help people it shows that not only can gamers read smaller text but they have a easer time differentiating shades of grey, meaning that they can tell the slightest difference in color and texture, and very practice action gamers had a 58% better interpretation of these differences than those who don’t. Its also been proven that on a screen people who don’t play actions game can track 3-4 objects at a time where action games can track about 6-7 objects at a time. Info From video bellow by AsapSCIENCE


The MMO community is a very big community that has been around for quite some time but they may be the secret to the economies success. Now before you leave just listen lets talk about some of the real life problems in todays financial economy for example Inflation. Starting with Inflation what is it? well to answer the question its when the currency for any item is increase because there is so much of the cash. Taking in back to WW2 the Weimar Republic struggled with the debt they had after loosing the war and had to play it back so to solve their cash problem they printed out more money to fix it, sounds great right… well quite the opposite. with all of the money around it became a joke unusable for any economic purchases this money they use to get out of their debt was the equivalent to monopoly money now. If your not understanding lets put it this way if the U.S did this instead of a loaf of bread costing $1 it would cost $1,000,000. Insane right but why bring this up if were talking about gaming? Well people in these MMO communities have experience the same thing that they did because as time goes on players are getting more gold, money, or whatever their currency is so people would got to these GTN/Auction Houses to Sell these times at the launch of the game for a item so common that you’ve sold so many times to the vendors in the game was worth 1gold, well 3 years later that same item is worth 1000 gold, but why well it’s simple it’s because over time these players who have played for 3 year have achieves so much gold that the same items is till worth the same just the price is different. Info From video bellow by The Game Theorists

So Gaming is Good Well Why Don’t we Play it All the Time

Simple too much of anything is bad for you, too much screen time can damage your eyes (defeats the purpose of action gaming I know), too much sugar can shut down your liver and get diabetes, Even water is bad for you Water poisoning yeah its a thing click here if you don’t believe me. Water=Death.

Final Statement

Too much of anything is a bad thing, but people look at gaming and think that its automatically bad but in reality is probably one of the best thing you can do. So next time some one insults you for playing games and they proceed  to watch T.V. remember that their brain is shutting off and relaxing where you are relaxing with friends improving your eyes and even learning a thing or 2 about the economy while you play your “stupid game”.

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