How Movies and Television are getting less creative

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What movies have you seen in theaters recently? Were they new movies or remakes? If you look at the media now, it is all just the same. The same concept of the shows are being used making remakes and sequels. There are not a lot of new ideas in the industry anymore, thye keep getting recylced and all this money is being wasted because the studios can’t think of anything original, that will also sell. The movie producers use Remakes, Reboots and Sequels to get these “new” ideas. They also make everyone able to sing and might hire the people who have connections, rather than talent.



With Hollywood they look at the movies that did well in the 1980’s or something and try to remake it. They add actors and actresses that are popular, better special effects, more gore, romantics, comedy or action to try to make the movie apply the people of today. But it is the exact same movie, same story line and same ending. Most of the time, in my opinion, the original movies are always better because the newer ones try too hard. Sometimes people aren’t even aware that these movies are remakes as an example, 21 Jump Street, Poltergeist, and Point Break are all remakes that have come out recently. Den of Geek made a list of movies that are rumored to either have remakes or reboots and it is quite extensive. It’s sad that some of these movies are being remade because they don’t need to be.


Another thing that doesn’t need that much idea either is a sequel. Sequels are usually unneeded. The movie end and all is okay in the character’s world, but they end up coming back anyway with a new movie because something is wrong again.A lot of time the sequels , they are so unsupported aren’t even in theaters or don’t have all the same actors from the first one because they didn’t want to take part in the remake. This is also for television series too, some should have ended years ago but they are still making more because it makes money, even if the plot doesn’t make sense anymore.

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Sometimes the sequels have a twist to them and are called reboots. The definition of a reboot is discard all continuity in an established series in order to recreate its characters, timeline and backstory from the beginning. These are another thing that doesn’t need that much idea to it, you just use the general idea with fresh characters who have new problems that need to be solved.

Everyone has a singing career

This happens a lot in the Television Stations like Disney or Nickelodeon, the person is an actor but all of a sudden they can sing too. A lot of the time they can’t actually sing , it is more of the use of auto tuning or lip syncing. This  boosts the TV show’s popularity and get more money. 

Actors that aren’t good at acting

People who aren’t good actors or actresses are more likely to happen to a Television show or an indie movie. But a lot of times on Disney and Nickelodeon, these mostly younger actors and actresses who have a pretty face or have connections though the industry, aren’t that great at acting. I guess for these shows that are aimed at a younger audience don’t need that good of actors because the kids don’t know the difference. But acting should be based on your talent, not on anything else 


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