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Feature Image by Rob Schulze

If there was a movie that could take the title as “The Little Movie That Could”, the best candidate would be Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This classic has many reviews of this being the best and funniest movie ever, and its lines are quoted everywhere, even if you are cutting down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring or picking your favorite color, lest ye get thrown off of the Bridge of Death… oh, sorry, sorry, I got carried away. Anyway, this movie is highly rated, even being inducted into the OFTA Film Hall of Fame for Motion Pictures. However, there are many details that will make you think differently of this great work of art.

The Opening Credits

“The Llama is funny, like moose and Nixon, and fish of any kind.” You’re probably asking, “What does this mean?” This is the beginning of the opening credits. The text is hilarious, but the actual credits are very bland. This is because the credits were made at the end of all of the filming, so the budget was depleted. Michael Palin decided to put in “Swedish” subtitles to relieve the audience of the tedious screens in the credits. This worked especially well, even though the llama gave everybody seizures (watch the movie!).

The Black Knight Was Based Off of a True Story

“Wait, what? King Arthur actually dismembered his enemy?” Well, not exactly. It was based off of a wrestling match between two Romans. The match went way longer than it should have. Eventually one of the wrestlers broke a limb and surrendered, but when the wrestlers were untangled, the “winner” was found dead. This was then transformed into a medieval sword battle. Also, this scene was shot while the budget was nearly out, so it took three people and a week to finish filming it.

She’s A Witch!

Ah, the scientific ways of the medieval age. Accuse a lady of being a witch, perhaps to get away from a crime or debt, or maybe you are just bored, and you will most likely get what you want: a good “witch” burning (or drowning, whichever suits you best). Although this is a very serious matter, Eric Idle, who is one of the people looking to see a young woman burn, cannot suppress his laughter by keeping a straight face, so he bites down on his sword to avoid screwing up the scene. (Found on Pajiba)

Funded by Famous Folk

“Famous folk? Who says ‘folk’ anymore?” Sorry, I like alliterations. Anywho, at this time in England, the rich people were paying taxes up to 80 or 90 percent. This caused people to try and find ways around the tax, so people and groups like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Elton John and Chrysalis Records funded this movie.

We’re Doune Another Castle

Obviously, whether you’ve seen the movie or not, you can correlate that, since this is medieval times, there are castles. The thing is, all of the shots in or by a castle are of one castle: the Doune Castle in Glencoe. Literally one week before filming was supposed to start, the Environmental Department forbade them to film at any castles. This created a panic, to where they found the privately owned Doune Castle.


Image by Peter (Front of Doune Castle)


Image by Steve Collis (Wedding Mayhem)


Image by Deez (French Taunting in the Beginning)


Image by Anne-Lise Heinrichs (Trojan Rabbit)


Image by Stuart Caie (Camelot Dancing)

Whether you knew it or not, Monty Python and the Holy Grail was a huge success, being nominated for Best Audio Commentary and Best Dramatic Presentation, and even getting into the OFTA Film Hall of Fame. Even though some mishaps came up, like  those stated above, it turned out great, so these accidents didn’t really cause harm. They even helped the movie in some cases. See, this movie is so great that its accidents help the movie. That makes this movie really one of a kind.



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