Tips to becoming a happier person; a positive outlook made easy

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“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day” (anonymous)

When you are feeling down, or going through a challenging time people often tell you to “think positively!”, or “keep your head up!”. What does it really mean to be positive? How do you remain positive in a negative situation? Are you just covering up, or denying pain?

Negative feelings, and situations DO exist and they tell us that something is not working, or needs to be attended to. This is where that positive mindset comes into play. But what is a positive mindset?

A positive mindset is finding the good in the bad, or to take a negative and take it in as constructive good.

What if you could find something good out of every situation? Just as one bad thing can wreck your whole day, one positive thought can make your whole day. I like to think of this as the “snowball effect”, because if you roll a snowball down the hill it grows larger, and moves quicker. This “snowball effect” can happen with negativity and positivity.

Something as little as a friend that did not say “hi” to you in the hallways, can turn your day negative, if in a negative mindset.

Positivity is a great quality in a person, and can be easily achieved with these steps.


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Tips on Developing a Positive Thinking Mindset

Remember you are meant to grow and develop as a person

You are to learn how to handle tough situations through life lessons. Life lessons grow you as a person and make you stronger. Life can be rough but remember to be thankful for what you have. Look at life lessons as a way to grow and become wiser, stronger, and a more positive person.

Learn to turn lemons into lemonade

Do not sit around and feel sorry for yourself in tough times. Really think about it, there is a lesson to be learned from everything. Make the best out of the worst situations. This constructive good can help you from making the same negative over again.

Remember you can not change things that are out of your reach. The traffic that made you late to school, or the pop quiz you failed in biology can not be changed, so do not let things like this get to you.

Confidence is Key

Do not focus on your, or others negatives. Focus on the good; which may be easier said than done- but once this is achieved you will learn the beauty in flaws and differences. Set dreams and goals to achieve. Small and Big goals are all helpful. These goals can help indicate your strengths, and inherited gifts. Recognize everyone has their own unique role in society. Everyones different.

Goal ideas;


-Talk to one new person today.

-Give 2 compliments today.

-Volunteer at a nursing home, animal shelter, food shelf, etc.

-Tell someone that you are thankful for them.



-Learn to love and accept yourself.

-Accept others differences.

-Eliminate negative people from your life.

Do not give up

With a positive mindset and goals set, do not let your goals fall short. Follow through with dreams, goals, and beliefs. You most likely will have road blocks in the road to the goal, but learn to get around them, and take some constructive criticism away from the roadblock.

Look for inspiration.

Learning about others with similar negative situations as you that become positive may really help. Think of successful people that deal with the same problems we have everyday. These people can motivate you and inspire you to reach your goals, and just be an all around nicer person.

Another thing that can inspire this new life style upon you reading positive quotes, maybe reading one in the morning with your cup of coffee to really set your mind in the right direction.

Realize what is going on around you.

Finding someone to join you on this journey is a wonderful thing, but NOT necessary. Learn about negative relationships. Persuade negative people to become positive! Little steps make a huge difference. Finding someone to share your new beginning with can help make the transition that much easier.

Also realize what is going on all around the world. Keep yourself educated on current events, and volunteer. How are you making the world a better place today?


-Accept your differences, they make accepting others way easier.

-Do not let things that you can not control get to you, you can not do anything to change them so do not stress!

-Accept apologies. Learn to forgive and forget!

-Set goals, small and large.

-Help others.


-Find inspiration.

-Find the lesson to be learned in a negative situation.

-Be thankful.

-Surround yourself with positive people.




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