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Everyone knows how important first impressions are; it is the first time you introduce yourself for someone to get an opinion of yourself. As humans one of the first things we tend to notice is how you present yourself, your personal style. It is most likely that the way you dress is influenced by an icon you admire or a social group you tend to hang around. These are all different forms to how fashion trends start.

It was not until the late 20th century that the fashion world was about to take a change.This is when designers started becoming social icons and making an impact on the whole society rather than just the elite group who could afford trendy attire.

The first revolutionary decade

The 60’s was a decade full of changes, in both the political and social word which translated into the drastic change in the fashion world, too.image05

When most people think of the 60’s two themes seem to occur abundantly more than all the rest: the hippies and the preps.

Hippies came into play by the social group, who were well known for their philosophy of going with the flow and living by the phrase “don’t worry, be happy”.

Their clothes seemed to implamate their culture and outlooks on life. Most commonly worn and known items are pieces like round circle sunglasses, kimono shawls, and light wash flare jeans.

On the other side of the spectacle is the preps. Prepsters are usually found in more of an elite group of both social and economic statuses. This group is well known for timeless and classy styles. One of the biggest influences from this era and still today is former first lady, Jackie Kennedy. Kennedy is known for her classically chic style.

image00Another famous icon from this decade whose legacy still runs the empire of the preppy fashion industry is Lilly Pulitzer; who ironically was a good friend of Jackie Kennedy’s.         

Lilly’s brand is  best known for their signature shift dress collection.

This dress style is very modest and and its fabric is always made of fun and colorful prints, hand designed in the Lilly Print Studio.

The basic rules to the preppy dress code is modest and classy, chic and colorful, country club or yacht club attire.

“Photos from Vogue and Lilly Blog

Next in line, 1970

For the most part the 60’s and 70’s had many similarities.

image03The former hippie style has now turned more bohemian, the preps are still preppy, but now with the influence of designer Vivienne Westwood a whole new fashion trend has started; the punk rockers.

People who followed along with the edgy trend displayed such styles as the spiked high colored mohawk, studded leather  jackets, skinny or slim for jeans, and combat boots. Oh, and also many face piercings and body tattoos.

“Photo from Pixgood

The 80’s

TROY GENTILE, SEAN GIAMBRONE, HAYLEY ORRANTIA, WENDI MCLENDON-COVEYSpirit week is full of fun dress up days, and every year for ‘throwback thursday’ this decade seems to win over the influences of around 60% of both my peers and myself. This decade is filled with crazy neon leggings, oversized sweatshirts and blazers, mini skirts, leg warmers with tennis shoes, scrunchies, big permed hair and high side poneys. The style of the 1980’s is still seen today, every Wednesday at 7:00pm on ABC’s hit TV show The Goldbergs. This is a show based off a family living in Pennsylvania during the 80’s. Both the Mother, Daughter, and their friends are great models of what the fashion was really like back then.

“Photo from the NY Post

Last but not least, 1990’s

image01Kris Jenner and Kylie Jenner are seen leaving lunch both dressed up in all blackGrowing up and looking back at pictures of my parents in college and some of my families first pictures I can not help but laugh at the clothing worn. But the older I get the more I notice little trends making a comeback. This period was heavily influenced by popular rock bands, one in particular being Nirvana. The 90’s are known for their t-shirts, flannel button-ups, and long straight hair with not nearly 70% of the volume it contained in the last 20 years. The last group I am going to bring upon from the past 30 years is the goths.

This group brought a style that has not been seen in many of years. They supported the ‘all black everything’ look; yes the same trend fashion icons today like the Kardashian/Jenner sisters often wear.

Photos from Zimbio and Splash

Right here, right now

With the 21st-century, an idea came back into the fashion world that has been missing for quite some time, individuality. With technology playing such a big role in society now it keeps getting easier to access new forms of trends and styles at the touch of your finger almost instantly anywhere.

Everyday I see a coexistence of styles from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s continue through both pop culture and my own personal style.

Growing up in the 21st-century I have never been a fan of sticking to one type of clothing style or brand, but instead I wear whatever I want.

The best part about growing up in this time is being able to mix up your clothes and create YOUR OWN style, instead of falling under certain categories.

So if you take anything away from this post I hope that the idea of not having to stick to one certain brand or category of clothing but to just choose what you like and make your own personal style that will impress someone the next time you make your next first impression; and remember that fashion fades but style does not!

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