Dress Codes or Threats?

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As of today, several schools have dress codes. Some codes are more strict than others, depending on a school’s policy. However, some people have felt threatened by dress codes. The past couple years there has been many controversies on whether there should be school dress codes or not. Some of the most common clothing codes are the length of shorts or the type of straps a shirt holds. Teachers believe that teenage girls should have stronger dress code policies because they are supposed to be women and should not be considered a sex appeal. Many teens disagree, myself included.

I believe that a person should be able to where whatever they want to. It’s wrong to tell someone they cannot wear something just because it doesn’t appeal what you like to see. People should be able to express themselves and what they like.

Having too short of shorts or too skinny of tank-top straps does not define a person.

I have heard that many teachers have been accused of dress coding young girls and saying they need to change because it is a distraction to boys. I believe that that is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my life. I think it’s unfair because we should be able to dress however we would like to, without getting criticized because a young boy with crazy hormones.

I think the right thing to do would be to teach adolescent boys to not act the way they do when it comes to female clothing. What we as girls wear should not have to revolve around the saying that “boys will be boys.” There is no equality in that.

Several girls have confidence in themselves, which I believe is a good thing. No one should shame themselves and how they have been created.

It can lead to strong depression and could also lead to bullying.

Studies have shown that people who feel worse about themselves tend to bring others down more often than those who are confident in themselves. People always say “you should never judge a book by it’s cover,” yet so many humans do it each and every single day. Teachers accuse young girls of being major sex appeals if their skirt is shorter than their fingertips or their tank-top straps are thinner than three fingers.

The author of A Dress-Code Enforcers Struggle for the Soul of a Middle-School Girl says, “What’s most upsetting about my short time with these lost girls is that they were some of my favorite students; they were girls I knew could change the world if they would only give themselves a fighting chance to do so.” She believes that if young ladies do not dress appropriate, then they will not be successful in life.

Young girls like myself need to make a stand against this.

This battle has been going on for too long and needs to be put to an end. No girl should have to change the way they look and not be able to express themselves just to look more appealing to others. There is no fairness in that, but together we can make a change to it.

To learn more information about dress code sexism, please watch the following videos linked…

The video “Are School Dress Codes Too Sctrict” above explains some of the controversies over dress codes. It claims that some schools do not allow girls wearing leggings and other schools do allow it if their hind-end is covered. It also says that certain schools cannot have students wearing a U.S. flag shirt, showing their patriotism. Teachers and staff of school have gone fairly overboard on the strictness of dress codes. I find their need to treat students, mainly females, this way is extremely outrageous.

According to Should girls be able to wear leggings to school?, a poll had been taken asking the question of the title. Should girls be able to wear leggings to school? Well, majority said that yes, girls should be able to wear leggings to school. 74% responded yes, 26% responded no.  A person who answered the poll who believes girls should be able to wear leggings stated,

“Girls should be able to wear whatever they want. It shows personality. Are you trying to take away our rights? Last time I checked I live in a free country.”

This person makes a good point as they are saying that girls should not be targeted for what they’re wearing. There should not be rules and controversies over what girls are wearing. It is not against the law to wear clothing. Celebrities are seen wearing clothing that would never be worn and school and do not get criticized for it… Yet normal girls get shamed for wearing clothing that isn’t nearly half as bad.

A person who answered the poll who believes that girls shouldn’t be able to wear leggings to school said, “Many women complain about women being treated as objects. What is the point of complaining about this if many school girls act like they want to be treated like objects?”

This boy makes a good point as he is wondering why women complain about being treated as objects when they dress the way that they do. However, I believe there is no “dressing as an object.”

Both men and women should be able to dress the way that they please without getting criticized about it.

According to The Sexism of School Dress Codes, a middle school student named Maggie Sunseri pointed out that she found a major difference in the way her school treated boy’s dress codes vs. girl’s dress codes. She justified, “I’ve never seen a boy called out for his attire even though they also break the rules.” This explains the sexism between dress codes for boys and girls. Schools make it out to be that its okay for boys to wear whatever they please and shall not be shamed, but forbid that girls wear one piece of clothing that doesn’t suit the school’s eyes and it is wrong.

There is no equality written between the lines.

Sunseri was so stunned by this that she destined to take action. She ended up making a documentary which is placed below, about what it is like to be a girl being shamed by a piece of clothing and how dress codes affect women.

Women and young girls are decayed by what they wear every day. But together we all can make a stand to end biased dress codes and body shaming on young girls.

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