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When prom and homecoming dances come around it is usually an exciting time for everyone. But many girls did not get that fun experience out of their homecoming dance. In Utah at Bingham High School, a girl named Erika was asked to either cover her dress with a jacket or leave because the back of her dress was too low. Erika along with many other girls were forced to go through multiple procedures to make sure their dresses were appropriate.

Dress code is something many people see as a good thing. It keeps order in schools and eliminates discrimination based off of clothing. Some schools even have uniforms, which makes it so everyone is “equal” and dresses alike. Most schools are becoming more and more strict when it comes to what people wear. At Staten Island High School, nearly 200 girls have already gotten detention over a new hyper-strict dress code.

Expression through clothes is a very popular idea in our generation, people like to be able to express themselves by wearing the things they like. According to a post from Cedar Falls High School, uniforms and dress codes restrict the amount of self expression and creativity someone can have. The idea of being able to wear what you want helps you figure out who you really are and what you want to become.

Everyone has legs.

We all have seen our own legs but for some reason shorts are a common no in schools. A 15 year old girl from Quebec launched a protest against her schools strict dress code after she was sent home for wearing shorts. She believes that forcing girls to cover up their legs so they aren’t distracting their male peers is objectifying.

If it is hot out nobody wants to wear jeans or sweatpants, they want to wear shorts. The rule “as long as your fingertips” is a often used rule to determine how short is to short, and was used in Lindsey from Quebec’s case. But what is accomplished by forcing someone to change into different pants.

The whole summer kids see girls in shorts or inappropriate types of clothing. They see this when…

  1. They watch TV
  2. They go out into any public area; restaurants, movies, beaches, fairs, even the gas station
  3. They look through magazines
  4. They see pictures online

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