Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

 Image by Cory Holms

Making Your Bed

Has your mom ever told you to make your bed and you just get so mad at her, well now you can say no and give her a good reason not to! Making your bed is not needed for one and it may appear to be nice, but underneath those sheets something is going on…


One of the many organisms that may enter your sleeping area is the dust mite. Dust mites love damp, moist, and warm areas (where you sleep). In the morning when you wake up from a long nights rest you may be all hot and sweaty, then you think, “Hey I’ll make my bed!” The problem with that is when you wake up your bed is still moist from your sweat and when you pull the covers tight you are trapping all of that in.

Dust Mites will love these conditions, while in an unmade bed all of that is being released and making it unappealing to the mite. When you leave your bed unmade, the mites will eventually run out of moisture, dehydrate, and die. Even though an unmade bed may look gross, there are no mites reproducing under there!

Problems with Mites

These dust mites are said to cause asthma and other types of allergies also. On average a bed could contain over one million mites. Every night you are inhaling these mites and there poop, this is what would cause you to have allergies and or get asthma.

These mites love to eat human skin flakes… think of how nasty that is, they are eating things that fall off of you while you sleep! Do you really want these things living in your bed? If not, I suggest you leave your bed unmade so all of that sweaty moisture can dry out and you can sleep in peace.

Scientists have proven that leaving your bed unmade will help your health. All of those dirty mites will die off and leave you with no asthma or allergies!

Bed Bugs…

Bed Bugs are not something that you would want in your bed either. There are many ways that they can get into your house and or bed. First off bed bugs can not fly, they are fast little bugs that of which resemble the size of an apple seed. When you visit different places (including hotels and motels), bedbugs can inhabit your personal items including, your luggage, purses, shoes, and clothing.

Bed Bugs are fast little organisms that feed off of human and animal blood,  just like a tick. Some signs of a Bed Bug infestation might be seeing the skin of theirs that has been shed, blood stains on the sheets, and if you awake with red itchy bumps that were not there the night before.


Pros of Not Making Your Bed

Other than not having bugs in your bed, there are a lot more great reasons you should NOT make your bed. For starters you will be able to sleep in longer without the worry of taking those three extra minutes to make your bed. Just think of what those extra three minutes of sleep could do for you. You will have so much more brain power throughout the day, and feel fully rested  and ready for anything that comes at you!

Another reason is that it gives you the chance to be lazy, I mean who doesn’t want that? Just think, whenever your mom says “Make your bed!”, you can say back to her “No its bad for me!”


It will save you time, energy, you will be able to sleep better, and will make you more happy. So not making your bed is a great idea for you to live a healthier life and a lazy one. I hope now you will be able to sleep better at night knowing that there will be less things sleeping with you. Thanks for reading hope this helps!

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