Dogs are the Key to Happiness

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They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a dog. What’s the difference? I mean really, if you don’t get them a Christmas present, they won’t care. Hell, they don’t even know what Christmas is! They don’t want expensive jewelry that many people want, such as a ring on their wedding day.

What I’m trying to get at, is that you should marry dogs instead of people. Okay, not exactly because that’s illegal. More of why it’s better to spend your time with dogs and go places with them, rather than people. A companion so to say.

So here’s why you should consider not marrying a human being, but rather have a dog as your lifelong (their lifetime that is as it will probably be shorter than yours) companion.


First off, dogs won’t pressure you to work out. Unless that’s what you want them to do, then they will. If you live an active lifestyle, you can get an active dog that likes to hike, ski, swim, run, run while you bike, etc. But if you live a non active lifestyle, you can get a dog that will sit on the couch and watch T.V. with you.


Secondly, many people fight over money. Now dogs don’t generally make money (unless they are famous) but they themselves do not spend any money. Now they do require money, such as being taken to the vet and dog food and such, but people need to go to the doctor and have food and such and that’s usually more expensive than it is for a dog.

The average cost of a medium dog is around $6565 for their whole life, while weddings can range from $10,00-$100,000. Now while you may only have one wedding in your life, it is only one day a year. A dog is cheaper and will last 10 years or more (or less) depending on the dog.  Also you can’t divorce a dog (because you can’t marry one because like I said before, it is illegal) so you don’t have to go through the headache and costs of a divorce. Also you can’t have kids so no one will need to pay child support which, from what I’ve heard, is expensive.


Now that you’re done working out (or not) you might feel lonely, so just grab your dog (please be gentle if you are literally grabbing it) and snuggle on the couch or any piece of furniture, the ground or wherever you want, and just talk to them. Sure they can’t talk, but they do make great listeners. You could think of them as therapists, but ones that don’t actually try and help because they can’t speak.


Another thing that sort of coincides with dogs being therapists is that they don’t voice their opinions and don’t judge yours. Dogs don’t practice religion so they don’t care if you’re an atheist, agnostic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc, they won’t try and convert you or argue why you shouldn’t be your religion, or lack thereof. They won’t judge you if you vote for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump or whomever you vote for in any election. And they will never bring up politics, ever. Dogs will not judge, or try and make you change your opinion on anything.


Aside from dogs being therapists, good listeners, active, or not, they are just cute. I mean, just look at a dogs face. They are adorable! Just looking at a dog cheers me up for at least a little bit when I’m having a bad day.


Photo by Kristin Andrus. How would that not cheer someone up?

Dressing Up

Along with their faces, dogs that are dressed in clothes or costumes are really cute. Don’t believe me? Well, lets look at some examples:


Photo by Tara Gamby. Look, it’s a dog dressed as Donald Trump. If Donald Trump was a dog, I would vote for him (well he wouldn’t be running for president if he was a dog but that’s irrelevant). Still not convinced? Well lets look at more.


Photo by editrixie


Photo by Jesse Draper

And in one last attempt to convince the ones who are not already convinced, here’s a video of Doug the Pug.

Now maybe the dogs themselves aren’t that cute to some, but in my opinion the clothes make the dogs even cuter.


Dogs will love you no matter what you choose to do, as long as you treat them right and love them, many people aren’t like that. Sure, dogs have downsides too, but that’s not what this is about. I’m not sure how one does not like dogs, but that is their opinion and they are titled to it and I will respect it, just like dogs do.

Enjoy this video of a pomeranian sneezing

Now go live life with a dog!

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