Celebrities Influence Through Social Media

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Celebrities are everywhere and whether you realize it or not, they can easily change the way you look or act. They rely on social media sites to boost their career, but how does that affect you?

What makes someone a celebrity is their ability to gain attention.  If millions are watching or admiring them then obviously they are impacting someone in one way or another.

We are influenced by things we see everyday. So how does social media and everything on it affect us? If you have ever seen a picture of a celebrity, you have most likely noticed how flawless they look or how perfect their life seems. Most people look down on themselves after comparing their look to the pictures, causing them to want to change who they are in order to look like their favorite celebrity.

In reality, some celebrities go through extreme measures in order to look the way they do. They may get plastic surgery, have an eating disorder, etc. Most of the time all we see is what someone looks like, not what they have gone through. So thinking someone has a perfect life isn’t so accurate.

Who Affects You?

If you have ever been on a celebrity’s social media site you have probably noticed the amount of fans or followers they have. Whether that be thousands or millions, they are still broadcasting everything to a large group of people.

According to “Top 100 Celebs” some of the most famous celebrities are:

Justin Bieber

Miley Cyrus


Kim Kardashian

Leonardo DiCaprio

You can’t say you’ve never heard or talked about at least one of these celebrities. Their lives are constantly being documented so they have great power to easily change the way people live their lives.


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Celebrities are a huge part of the internet and like stated earlier, they can make others feel bad about themselves or set new standards for how people should look or act. Since most people look at these individuals in a different and more powerful way, others feel the need to be just like them. They may feel that they will get more attention because of it, or maybe just to fit in with everyone else.

Changing Looks

In today’s society being good looking is how someone defines you.  If all you see is how great everyone else looks, it’s obviously going to affect the way you look at yourself.

If a celebrity decides to change their style, so do many others. Although it’s not the only reason people change out their old clothes, celebrities still set trends which people go off of. If someone doesn’t have the newest or most stylish outfits, people may look at them differently all because of the clothes they choose. Other than style, people may look at celebrities as always having a good body, flawless face, and more. Many people may become more insecure because of the standards being set.

Changing Behavior

Besides how people look, many people are highly influenced by what others do and what they think is cool. If a celebrity gets into drugs, everyone usually knows about it because of the spreading information on the internet. If someone sees their role model doing something, then they figure they should try it too because that’s who they look up to. Even if a celebrity does something absolutely crazy, people will still follow in their footsteps to possibly get attention or to just have fun.

There are some celebrities who are famous for their childlike or inappropriate behavior. These traits are then passed on to people who think that they are funny or entertaining. Once one thing starts, it’s passed on though social media until it becomes the next big thing. This is usually what celebrities want. The more people that are talking about them, the more money they will make.

Celebrities show most of their lives to the world. Although not all, a lot of them have pretty messed up relationships. People take off of that and think it’s normal to do as they please when it comes to taking advantage of the casual relationships. Some though have great relationships that people envy. They wish that they could have someone like that celebrity does.


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Some celebrities make it seem as though only materialistic things matter. They are constantly buying things and their whole lives are based off of that. They think they have to spend their money only on the best things in order to look good to the public. People look at them and think that they must buy the most expensive things in order to be all that. Celebrities will often promote items to make them seem bigger than they actually are.

Although we may not be as rich or as famous as celebrities, having the same things they have or having a similar lifestyle to theirs may make us feel better about who we are.

Good Influences?

Even though many of these influences are bad, not all are. Some celebrities can inspire others in a positive way. They can show passion in what they do which shows others to do the same. It may help them to push harder at a certain sport, or to keep working at a talent because it’s all worth it in the end.

Also promoting things such as charities is a positive side to having a larger audience.

Changing Yourself

Celebrities can affect people in many ways. Everything goes through social media which is being used on a daily basis. Whether their influence is good or bad, people will change because of it. Having a role model is great, but having it for the right reasons is more important.

In all, people change. Instead of changing to fit in, or to look/feel cool, try changing to be a better you.







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