Being “Attractive”: Appalling or Appealing?

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Does anyone really receive benefits from being “good-looking”?

What is being “Attractive”?

The first question you might ask yourself is who’s good looking and who isn’t?

Which is a good question to have, but the answer isn’t that easy. According to the article “How Much is Being Attractive Worth?” Beauty or attractiveness can really not be defined. There is however a good idea of how society attemps to define it; symmetrical. Most people say that it all lies in how symmetrical your face is. As for body shape there is no certain body type that is more attractive than others but yet again it comes down to having a proportional body, another way of saying symmetrical.

Why does it matter?

Being attractive or not should not affect the way people treat you, but newsflash it does. Even though many would not admit to it, its the truth. Strangers look at you and immediately create a preconceived idea of who you are, solely on your looks before even speaking to you.

The Appealing

Many people connect good looks with positive things, according to “10 Pleasures and Pains of Being Beautiful”.

Attractive people come of as…

  • Healthier
  • Smarter
  • Kinder
  • Successful

Which are great qualities to have. Being attractive tends to lead people to believe they are healthier both in face and body. Studies show they are smarter due to social dominance. They seem more approachable due to their sharp looks, making them perceived as kinder. They are also considered more successful due to more job offers at higher pay.

The Appalling  

Attractive people can also be seen as…

  • Less talented
  • A threat
  • Relying solely on their looks

In a study more attractive people were proved to be less talented then those who are not considered as attractive. Some people can also see the more attractive as intimidating causing a disliking towards them. Many unattractive people also believe the more attractive population are untalented, relying solely on their looks.

The Ultimate Goal

Some people spend countless time, money and effort trying got achieve ultimate “good looks”. Is it really worth all that time and money though? That’s a question for you to answer. Many people however have answered that question with a yes, considering   over 12 billion dollars have been spent in plastic surgery since 2008, almost all trying to improve their appearance.

Social media icon Kylie Jenner however has been one to condone spending time and money to improve her physical appearance from lip injections, to cinching her waist in with a “waist trainer”, all in order to be more attractive. Some may say it is worth the money and time considering for her it has defiantly not made any dents in her bank account and caused her to have a huge following on all social media platforms.

It’s celebrities such as her that make you wonder if their influence is causing young people everywhere to make changes to themselves to have anything from larger lips, to higher cheekbones, of even a smaller waist. This is something that not only celebrities, but many jobs for young people encourage because most companies look for attractive teens to work in their clothing, shoes and makeup departments to motivate other to try an influence other young people that they can become more attractive too with materialistic items.

No one wants to condone changing you physical appearance in a risky or possibly harmful way, but the truth of it is that many people will do dangerous things to themselves just to improve (or attempt to) their physical appearance. Seems sad though, right? But, maybe it all really does pay off considering there seems to be plenty of benefits to being attractive.


Inside vs. Outside

Most people say it’s what on the inside that counts, but according to the studies and benefits whats on the outside can really help too. It is coming to the fact that appearance speaks louder than personality in the workplace, at school, or even in your day to day life.

This might be discouraging to those who are not considered attractive, but remember “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.


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2 thoughts on “Being “Attractive”: Appalling or Appealing?

  1. “In a study ( more attractive people were proved to be less talented then those who are not considered as attractive.”

    This is misinformation. That link is to a blog, not a study (though it is sourced with several studies). Secondly, the blog itself makes no claim that more attractive people are less talented. Instead, it says they are perceived to be less talented by less attractive people of the same sex.

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