Amount of Homework You Get And How it Effects High School Student Athletes

My name is Evan and I am in 10th grade at the Elk River High school. An on going issue at all high schools is, sleep. Many tens are getting a ton of homework and are also in sports. I am in two sports, hockey and lacrosse. Many teachers give you homework every night. Many teachers also give you give you so much homework you are up till twelve o’clock on some nights. High school teachers expect so much from everyone but the thing is that they don’t know what is going on after school and what you have going on, but some teachers do and those are the teachers that don’t give you that much homework. This is my story on how the amount of homework I get and how that effects student athletes.


Hockey and Lacrosse

I play Elks JV hockey and practice with varsity. Everyday hockey practice is two forty every single day and each practice is at least an hour. JV practice is an hour to and hour and thirty minuets everyday and varsity practice is ten minuets after JV or the other way around. Varsity practices are a hour and a half almost everyday and sometime after each practice there is weight lifting for another thirty minuets. Sometimes after all my hockey I finally get to come home for the first time at five o’clock. I am also a student coach for my little brothers hockey team and practices are around six almost every day. So after that i get home around eight, shower and eat. After all of that I get to start homework. I have three hours of homework every night so I am up till eleven or even twelve and some points. Studies show that for a teen to be fully rested they need to have at least eight hours of sleep every night. If you do note get your eight hours of sleep some consequences are for example, limiting your ability to learn, listen, concentrate and solve problems. You may even forget important information like names, numbers, and what you have for homework and even tests. During sports if you are tired you are more likely to get injured. Lacrosse is also right after school but is not as long therefor I have time to do all of my homework and studying. All in all the amount of sleep you get can effect your schooling and puts you at risk of getting injured during a sporting event.




School is very important when you are in high school sports. If are not doing good in school you cannot play. I have homework every night and it inst just easy homework that you can do in less than a hour it is hard homework that takes two to three hours every night. Everyday I will know that I will for sure know that I will get homework every single night and when when i have tests I have those classes for homework and another hour of studying. The nights get long especially with sports involved. I normally have two to three hours of homework every night. For school I get up at six am and go to bed at eleven, that is only six hours of sleep, and then to go play sports for three hours is tough.


Balancing School and Sports

Balancing school and sports can be a really hard thing to do especially for teens. Your parents expect you to do everything right and get all A’s in your classes but they don’t realize how hard that is to do. With sports in my life that makes schooling that much more harder. School is hard but having to balance it with sports makes is even harder than it already is.


Important Information

For a teen you need seven to eight hours of sleep every nigh. Teenagers are not getting enough sleep on school nights. Sleep deprivation in teens is prevalent enough to course a growing concern among researchers, educators, and parents. Research has shown that lack of sleep affects teens ability to function at school.



In conclusion how much homework teachers give you and how that effects high school athletes is simple. The more homework you get and the more studying you have to do the later you will be up. The later your up the less you can concentrate during school. The more tired you are the more likely you wont be able to perform at 100% during practices and game and that gives you the greater chance of getting an injury. Balancing you educations goals and sports activities costs are two every difficult things to do.


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  1. I agree, gamedays are the worst when we leave right after school on the bus and the bus doesn’t get back until 10-11 o’clock.

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