A Guide to Surviving Disney World

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Disney World is often referred to as “the most magical place on earth.” Since I went to Disney World this past summer in August, personally, I totally agree with the that claim. However imagine going to the extremely busy park in Florida’s August weather. Yikes. Therefore my goal is to tell all of you reading tips and advice to get the best experience in Disney World.

The Morning

The morning of your trip, I highly recommend waking up as early as your body will let you. My family got up at about 6 and then we drove an hour to get to Disney world. Trust me, I know that in the summer that is very early for most of us but it is really helpful. Once we got to the park we realized how busy the parking lot is. Everyone is trying to get the closest spots they can. Next you’ll want to go to the ticket booth and get your cards so you can go into different parks. This process goes by pretty fast because there are so many ticket booths open.

What to Make Sure You Didn’t Leave in The Car

  • Extra cash or change
  • Water Bottles
  • Ponytails for long hair (you will get hot and want these)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sunblock (don’t become a lobster like I did)
  • A travel size fan (you’ll want it and not for $20 at the park)
  • Camera
  • Snacks
  • Umbrella (for the time it rains once a day)

Lunch & Dinner Time

Lunch/dinner time aka when you finally get to devour greasy food, and you don’t have to feel bad about it. Lunch time at Disney World is great because it has cute little restaurants to eat at. If you desire to eat lunch or dinner at a restaurant specific to a movie, like Belle’s castle from Beauty and the Beast, you should schedule that LOTS of time beforehand. I mean before you even leave for your trip. Otherwise you can do what my family did which was basically go to any open place with some burgers. My advice is to try to eat lunch or supper before the normal time, because then you can beat the rush. There are so many people and only so many places to eat, tables, etc. Also, snacks would come in handy at this time because if you can avoid the extremely pricey meals at Disney World, your wallet will thank you later.


photo of restaurant by harshlight on flikr

Rides and Other Fun Things

Rides: one of the best parts about Disney World. No matter what part you go to, there will be rides to choose from. Some are pretty intimidating while others would be considered a kiddie ride (both equally fun for me honestly). Although my family didn’t go on many rides the few I always have to suggest are

  • Space Mountain
  • Mission: Space
  • Haunted Mansion

image01 image03

Photo of Haunted Mansion by Joe Penniston on flikr and Space Mountain by daryl_mitchell on flikr

Apart from the rides, my family went to the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. This is basically a comedy show hosted by Monsters, Inc. characters. I didn’t think it would be as good as it was. I half expected it to be little kid jokes but it made everyone in the theater chuckle. I would recommend the Laugh Floor and other mini activities for children, and the older guests to try the rides I suggested.

One of my favorite parts was seeing the Disney characters, especially the princesses. They just walk around and act their roles and it’s amazing how good they are at it. To meet a character there is usually a few scheduled times and places but if you don’t make it to those then you can hope to see them wandering. I saw many characters just strolling around (which it must have been so hot in those costumes) and it’s entertaining to just see them come to life. I highly recommend to go to a scheduled meeting if you have a sibling or little one who needs to meet the character. Little kids around me loved meeting these characters.

I know I’ve said it before but my main advice to doing any rides, shows, or meeting characters is to get there early. If the ride,etc. isn’t worth waiting for then I suggest to just skip it.

World Showcase

World Showcase is in the Epcot section of Disney World. It has eleven pavilions to represent eleven different countries. This was one of the most educational experiences I had on my trip because each pavilion totally showed the culture and lifestyles of each country. Personally, I feel like the World Showcase was more for teenagers and adults. This was because it was more educational than fun, although it did have some games to entertain little ones. These eleven countries are: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada. I think this is a huge step to getting different types of cultures to  respect and see the value and greatness in the other cultures.

Here is a video to show the World Showcase

The Grand Finale

The best part of Disney World for my family and I was the fireworks show, Wishes Nighttime Spectacular, at Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. This was followed after a huge parade of all of the characters that were on floats. For both of these events we got there an hour early to get good spots which was great because we could see everything. To plan when to start saving spots you can find the times for these events here.

My Final Review

Back to the fireworks show, I don’t want to tell too much but it was wonderful. It had lots of classical Disney songs and had an awesome projection of clips of the characters on the castle. Needless to say, the fireworks were an amazing ending to an amazing day. There is truly something for everyone, scary rides for adults and entertaining characters for the children. My family had a great time exploring Disney World and it’s family friendly environment. After the experience I had and I hope you have, it’s safe to say Disney World is the most magical place on earth.


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