10 Tips on How to Stay Close to Your Best Friend when She is 1,633 Miles Away

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Be prepared for emotional distress because your best friends Dad just made her move 1,633 miles away.

When I was 7, my Mom brought be to my first Girl Scout meeting. There were lots of girls there but the one that drove me crazy was Kenzie, her Mom was the leader and I thought she was so pretentious because of that. One day there was a Girl Scout event on a Saturday so my Mom made me sleep over at Kenzie’s house so I could attend. At that point we hated each other, but one stuffed animal fight at 3 am really changes things.

And we became best friends.

After an 8 year friendship, I was given the heart wrenching news that my best friend was moving to Seattle, WA. Her family has moved tons of times since 2012, even as far as the Philippines, because of her Dads career. We knew long distance would be hard but with today’s advantages it makes connecting with her easier, which is necessary to keep any friendship alive. We thought long and hard to compile this list of ten things to keep any long distance friendship viable:

1.Video chat

Some how you’re going to need to talk to your best friend and what better way than using modern technology is video chatting them? Video chat and phone calls may be the closest you can get to face-to-face communication. In today’s world long distance friends are easier than ever because we get this privilege of smart phones, computers, and a very advanced type of internet. Kenzie and I use FaceTime on our Apple iPhones, but some other great video chatting apps for iOS and Android are Skype and ooVoo.


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Texting is something we may take for granted at times. It allows us to reach people quickly and not have to physically talk because sometimes that is not appropriate. When you text your best friend you can tell them quick details about your life and have a great conversation without needing to physically talk because sometimes that can be challenging when your friend lives many miles away, and you both have different schedules and time zones.


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3.Mail each other packages

When your friend lives close to you or goes to the same school it’s easy to give them something simple, but when they are far away it is a struggle. Mailing each other packages every so often is a good way to stay connected. When it comes to holidays and birthdays, Kenzie and I always send each other ‘care packages.’


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4.Tell stories

Since you and your best friends are so far away, you guys are going to end up living two different lives with many different people, but what better way to bond is to tell stories about what you experienced on your own? When friends tell stories it gives you the sense that you are with them. and that is perfect for friends miles away from each other.


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5.Keep the memories

When you are yearning for your best friend, one of the best things you can do is reminisce about old times by looking at pictures or watching videos from when you two were together. Even better, if you have been friends with this person for a long time, look at pictures from when you were younger.


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6.Have mutual friends

Group chats can be a really fun way to connect with your long distance friends. Especially when you have spent so many years together leading up to being separated. Many circles of friends are constantly using group chats to keep up with each other’s lives when they are far away from each other and because there is more than two people it makes it more fun!


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7.Write TONS of letters

I know what you’re thinking, letters? Really? Is this 1950? No, even though you may think letters are outdated and not important anymore, it can be amazing to receive a letter from your best friend, just the thought that they took time out of their day to hand write you something is truly special. One other good thing is that when you are older you can look back at these letters and you can remember how you felt or what was happening when the letter was sent, Where if you were to only text there’s no guarantee that you will have those messages forever—and let’s be honest who has time to scroll through your entire message thread just to find one message.


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8.Inside jokes

If you didn’t have inside jokes who would know why the word “Chicken” is funny? Inside jokes are a wonderful way to remind yourself of all the fun times you’ve spent with your best friend. Kenzie and I constantly laugh until we can’t breathe about things that have happened years ago, it’s very rejuvenating.


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9.Discuss the future

When talking to your best friend it can always be fun to talk about what is going to happen in the future. For an example, making plans to go to the same college, or go to different colleges in the same area and sharing an off-campus apartment may be the perfect idea for you and your best friend.


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10.Plan a time to visit

Lastly, you’re obviously going to want to see your best friend again in the future. Maybe you can talk to them and discuss how you can meet. Maybe both of you journey off to a new city and experience new things together, like Kenzie and I are traveling to London and Paris together this summer. Another option is you could travel to your best friends new house that is in a different city. Whatever it is, you will both be happy to see each other again after the agonizing 1,633 miles apart.


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